Tonka Tomicic would leave Chile in the midst of a crisis with Parived due to the watch case scandal: “they are very distant”

Marco Antonio Lopez Spaguibetter known as Parivedis the protagonist of the stolen watches scandal and with it has dragged his partner, the cheerleader tonka tomicic, in one of the cases that surprises in each new police finding. So much is the commotion and the affectation that she has and will have on the career of the cheerleader and model that according to her has transpired she would be thinking of ending her contract with Channel 13 and then leaving the country.

According to information provided by the journalist Mariela Sotomayor in the program I beatconducted by Daniel Fuenzalidathe couple would be going through a very bad time personally, while professionally they would be deeply affected by the damage that this investigation has brought to the career of the former Viña del Mar Festival host.

“I understand that they are very distant”

“I understand that they are distant and that, even, Tonka would have had conversations with people close to whom she would have revealed that there are certain things that are said that she knew and others that she did not know, distancing herself a little from the subject of the complaints that were made. have done against Parived“, Sotomayor indicated and according to the newspaper La Cuarta.

In addition, the journalist added that the relationship between tonka Y Parived It is not only the emotional support of this story, but also the participation of the model and former host of Welcome in your partner’s business. In this regard, Sotomayor added: “now, when you have two people who are a couple, who have sold themselves as couple 10, as the mystical couple, the spectacular couple; it’s hard to get out of there and even more so when you have people telling you ‘hey, I made a deal with Tonka, with her husband next to her, where she perfectly heard where these jewels and everything else came from’.

Parived and his dealings and ties to the Gold King

According to the information gathered in the investigation, it was determined that at the end of December there was a meeting between Parived and the so-called “King of Gold”, who has been accused of being the biggest metal smuggler in South America.

The Tonka couple and the King of Gold met at the Sheraton Hotel in Santiago and talked about a jewel valued at around $130 million pesos.

In addition, another precedent was learned through wiretapping in the case of the alleged sale of stolen jewelry. In one of the recordings, Parived has a conversation with Domingo Jalil, who is involved in the case, and tells him: “I have a round and armed business, but I need 20 sticks”. Then it indicates: “There is no cash, there is no money and everything has to be renegotiated”.

Tonka and Parived / Instagram capture Tonka Tomicic @tonkatomicicpetric

The wiretaps that incriminate Parived

In the audios you can also get a glimpse of what those involved in the case think of Parived. As can be seen in the registry, one of the jewelery dealers calls Parived a blackmailer, saying: “The jerk buys the watch for 20 (million pesos) and sells it for 15 and loses five. That he later writes four checks for the end of the year, to cover a hole, and that he has a fraud of 3 billion webeta. The face of a guru is a jerk”.

For his part, another party responds “That asshole is alive. We are busty next to him and he ate all the money from the lady”.

Tonka and Parived / Instagram capture Tonka Tomicic @tonkatomicicpetric
Tonka and Parived / Instagram capture Tonka Tomicic @tonkatomicicpetric

Tonka could leave Chile

Given the difficult situation that the model and animator of Channel 13 is currently experiencing, it is speculated that she would be ending her work ties with the Andrónico Luksic channel to leave Chile. In this regard, Daniel Fuenzalida in Me Late indicated: “They tell me that Tonka could be reaching an agreement with Channel 13 so that his contract ends”.

Adding: “Let’s remember that Tonka has a contract until 2024, because he would be thinking of living outside of Chile. He would be thinking of going to live in the United States and would be entering into a conversation ”.

In addition, the program indicated that the journalist Carlos Tejos, who is close to Tonka Tomicic, stated that he would be ready to leave Chile. In this regard Tejos was quoted and paraphrased saying: “Your calm (Tonkaque in six more months you will be out of Chile and you will be out of that love that at some point was your livelihood.”