Too Large, George weighed over 300 kg and lived a terrible nightmare: how is he today? Impressive rebirth

George was one of the protagonists of Too Large: he was over 300 kg and lived a terrible nightmare, how has he become today? It is impressive.

After Vite al Limite, there is also another program that tells the adventures of seriously obese people who have very serious intentions to get back in shape. We are talking about Too Large, the transmission aired every Monday evening on Real Time, which has as its undisputed protagonist, as well as his patients, also Dr. Procter.

George was a star of Too Large, but what is he like today? Photo Source: Youtube

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing the stories of some of Dr. Procter’s patients. Now, however, we will present the story of George. Protagonist of the third episode of the first edition, the forty-six year old had a weight that far exceeded 300 kg. And, although he has always been a victim of his extra pounds, only now has the kindergarten teacher considered it necessary to turn to the surgeon to take back the reins of his life. How did it become, however, after the program? Well. We managed to track him down on his Facebook channel. And we were completely blown away when we saw his change. Are you ready to see it? Let’s go further.

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George a Too Large weighed 317 kg, how is it today? Twist of the scene

Having reached the age of 46 with a weight that far exceeded 300 kg, George he decided to take back his life. And to ask Dr. Procter for help. To the cameras of Too Large, in fact, the 46-year-old said he has always had problems with weight. And that he was put on a diet from an early age. Over time, however, the situation has not improved at all. And now that he was teaching and unable to keep up with his children, George found it necessary to get help.

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Thanks to the surgeon’s diet and exercise, George was able to get back in shape. Of course, these are only the first results he has achieved. Suppose, therefore, that there is still a long way to go. We are sure, however, that he will be able to achieve his goal. Do you really want to see it as it is today? There he is:

Too Large George
Photo source: Facebook

From what we learn from the TheCinemaholic website, it would seem that, up to July 2021, George had lost more than 200 pounds, therefore equal to 90 kg. Really amazing, right?