Too Large, what does Dr. Procter’s diet consist of? Many are wondering

Dr. Procter is the undisputed king of the new Too Large program, but what does his diet consist of? Many are wondering.

Did you think you’ve seen it all with Dr. Nowzaradan and Vite al Limite? You were very wrong! Real Time and, above all, TLC, the famous and very popular US channel, are offering a new and sensational program: Too Large. Also focused on the adventures of people with very serious obesity conditions, the show has him as its undisputed protagonist: the handsome and charming Charles Procter.

Too Large, what does the diet consist of? Photo Source: Instagram

It has been airing in the last few weeks on Real Time, yet the success of Too Large it’s really ruthless. All the Italian public is eager to know the stories of the doctor’s patients Procter and to know everything you need to know about him. For example, just recently we told you about Amanda’s transformation, which is really shocking, and Jennifer. Are you curious, though, to know how they did it? In particular, what does the diet imposed by the surgeon? If you are ready to find out everything, read on. You will not regret it at all!

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Dr. Procter is the king of Too Large, but what does his diet consist of?

As well as those of Dr. Nowzaradan, also the transformations of Charles Procter to Too Large they are really impressive. And, let’s face it, the prime example is its protagonists. At this point, however, we ask ourselves: what does his diet consist of? In fact, there are so many characters who decide to ask him for help and start a new life, but what does his program consist of?

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According to what is learned from, it seems that the program imposed by Dr. Procter for Too Large patients is quite rigid. From what has been learned, it would seem that the first phase consists of the so-called liquid diet, which serves to reduce the size of the liver. “It consists of 60-90 grams of protein in the form of smoothies, or protein shakes, fat-free soups, low-fat cottage cheese, oatmeal and a single meal of baked fish, chicken and steamed vegetables,” we read on the site. Let’s be clear: this liquid diet is not an eternal diet, rather a momentary one. “It is only intended to allow for rapid weight loss just prior to surgery. It should not be used as a long-term maintenance “, it still reads.

Too Large diet
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