Too many video games: father punishes 11-year-old Japanese by forcing him to play for 17 hours

A punishment that has raised doubts and some controversy. Video game addiction in Japan is a deeply felt problem and drastic solutions have been adopted more than once. These include the decision of a father of an 11-year-old boy who was caught secretly playing video games in the middle of the night. Very angry and exasperated, to punish him the parent decided to force him to play continuously for 17 hours, essentially until he was exhausted. A method adopted to make him detox and to make him want to spend so much time on his smartphone.

The experiment

After a few hours of playing the boy began to feel tired and asked his father to be able to rest, a request that the man rejected, forcing him to continue the session to the bitter end despite signs of weakness and the obvious need for sleep. Apparently the message was received by the young man who put his future good intentions on paper in a letter: go to bed before 11pm and not play on your smartphone before going to bed. The experiment, in its various phases, was filmed through some videos, including the one with the father’s explanation and the invitation not to follow his example because it had been an exceptional situation.