Tooth, the acceptance of a love that ends is a change of mind

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Change your mind is the new single from Tooth for INRI/Virgin Music Las. After the dive together with Post Fog in a Fifties-flavored nostalgia with Life up to herethe singer-songwriter returns with a second taste of the new albumto be released in the spring and presented on stage from May. Five first tour dates announced: Il May 4th at the Locomotive of BolognaL’May 11th at Monk’s RomeThe May 12th to the Viper’s Florence, at the end May in Milan for the Mi Ami e on June 8th at Hiroshima Mon Amour by Turin (pre-sales here:

Change your mind
has that slightly disillusioned sweetness and that melancholic elegance that have always made the poetics of Tooth and made him one of the most significant songwriters of his generation, capable of speaking to everyone.

A song with an orchestral breath that is cradled by a piano and tinged with strings, and then explodes in a refrain that embraces the sufferings of a broken heart. Grief gives way to acceptance for the end of love – or rather the beginning of the end of the world – and the scars that will inevitably remain.

A song that looks the past in the eye with maturity and awareness, without rancor. It caresses and somatizes the memory, projecting itself towards the future. There is no anger or repentance for what has been experienced: it doesn’t matter if I have to cry a lot, if it will be a whole other world and if I have to change my mind. Change your mind it is a hymn to the ability to get up and look forward, to accept the changes of course and the detours of life, even when they hurt. To love, to suffer, to take care of oneself, to start over: basically this it’s the only thing to do.