Top Ten of Bad Words 2021, wins the association ‘Basta Shit In Mare’

Linguist Vito Tartamella at Adnkronos: “The name is provocative but it has managed to overcome an important ecological battle: to equip the Romagna coast with adequate purification plants”

It is the respect for the environment expressed in a slightly ‘cool’ way to conquer the first place of the traditional Top Ten of the bad words drafted published as always in the first days of the new year. It is in fact to win the 2021 edition the ecological association “Basta Shit In Mare” which has made the solution of the problem of sewage into the sea its creed. The association, which was awarded the ‘Sigismondo d’Oro’ – the highest honor of Rimini -, with its provocative name conquered the highest point of the podium of the ranking of the 10 most emblematic insults of 2021.

Written as every year by the linguist Vito Tartamella, the ranking of bad words that AdnKronos is able to anticipate – and which will be published shortly on the website – so he wanted to reward the only voluntary association with an abusive name but which thanks to which it has managed to win an important ecological battle: to equip the Romagna coast with adequate purification plants. “My ‘Top ten’ with the 10 most emblematic and amusing vulgar episodes reported by national and international news, wants to make you smile and reflect”, commented linguist Vito Tartamella with Adnkronos. “As for the previous editions, I selected the episodes with 3 criteria: their symbolic value, their consequences and their originality” he explains.

To conquer the second place, dedicated to the ‘new insults’, it’s ‘Let’s go Brandon’ (Come on, Brandon …. aka fan … Biden) The story happened last October as 28-year-old driver Brandon Brown was being interviewed about his winning race at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. At that moment, some people in the stands were singing, for some reason, “Fuck Joe Biden!” (Fuck Joe Biden). But NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast heard or wanted to hear a very different slogan: ‘Let’s go Brandon’. The phrase went viral on social media and was adopted by Donald Trump supporters as the code equivalent of ‘Fuck Joe Biden’.

The third place in the Top Ten of Bad Words 2021 was instead conquered by the ‘rock with and without filters’ by Maneskin with their phrase “People don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about …. You’d better touch your co … oni”. Last year, in fact, marked the global success of Maneskin, the quartet of Roman boys who won the Sanremo festival with ‘Zitti e buona’, a rock song that contained the two bad words mentioned above. In order to bring the song to the Eurovision Song Contest the Maneskin had to eliminate the vulgarities, otherwise they would have been excluded: so the line “You should touch your co … oni” has become “You shouldn’t make more mistakes”, and “The people don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about “, has been replaced by a more neutral” They don’t know what they’re talking about “. There were those who shouted scandal, censorship; but they had a more pragmatic approach: “We are rebels, not stupid,” said Damiano, the group’s frontman.

To rise to fourth place in the ranking is the gaffe “A mass of imbeciles and brain-damaged … ca … zi them” pronounced on 4 October 2021 to Big Brother Vip, Mediaset. The contestants of the reality show are gathered in the garden. At one point you can clearly hear a voice off screen that says “A mass of imbeciles and brain-damaged …. ca … zi them”. It is a female voice from the control room, where someone did not notice that the microphone was on. The video went viral: many thought the phrase was a director’s comment on the contestants. Many were outraged, such as the Paralympic champion Giuseppe Campoccio.

“In the evening the production (Endemol Shine Italy) finally apologized, distancing itself from the incident, without however explaining who and why had said those phrases. We will never know” comments the creator of the Top Ten of Bad Words, Vito Tartamella , which he entered in fifth place in its ranking the title of Dagospia “Una pussy di mediano” dedicated, on July 27th, to Agata Centasso, 31 years old, handsome midfielder of Venezia (Serie C). A title accompanied by various shots of Centasso that unleashed the ire of the Clud against the site of Roberto D’Agostino making the second summer of the Covid era even hotter.