Torino Film Festival, awarded the collateral prizes of the 39th edition

Waiting for the prizes of the official sections, which will be decreed on the evening of Saturday 4 December with a ceremony that will begin at 8 pm, the closing press conference of the Torino Film Festival was an opportunity to assign the collateral prizes.

The novelty: The Flat Parioli Award a Italy fire and ash

New this year is the Flat Parioli Award, a post-production of a 90-minute feature film, which went to the Italian-French film Italy fire and ash by Olivier Bohler and Céline Gailleurd, with the motivation: “For the work (filmic or documentary) that most questions the identity of cinema and its languages ​​as a tool for analyzing the past, photography of the present or suggestion of the future“.

All other awards


The award for the acquisition of web and free TV rights for Italy / acquisition of web and free TV rights of Italy for:

Best Film / Best Film Turin 39 Courts, Italian short to/to:

The night burns by Angelica Gallo (Italy)

with the following motivation:

With a real, direct and terribly true gaze, a confident directorial hand, catapult the viewer into the harsh reality of the young protagonists, without sparing the ruthless brutality of their actions. A struggle for survival in which the violent fragility of our world predominates.


There Jury of readers of Torinosette formed by Elena Merlo, Alessandro Mancin, Gabriele Umidon, Patrizia Silvestri, Eleonora Cairo, assigns the Achille Valdata award for:

Best Film / Best Film Turin 39 to/to:

La Traversée by Florence Miailhe (France, Germany, Czech Republic)

with the following motivation:

For having treated an important story with a language accessible to all and through a bold stylization of the image.


The Jury of AVANTI! Award (All International New Authors Development Agency), formed by Andrea Zanoli, Giorgia Goi and Alessandro Uccelli, assigns the AVANTI! for:

Best Film / Best Film Turin 39, TFFDoc -International.doc Italiana.doc Distribution of the film in Italy/ Film distribution in Italy to/to:

El Planeta, By Amalia Ulman (USA, Spain)

with the following motivation:

For the dazed rationality, for the ability to look lightly at the karst drifts of today’s capitalism, feeding on the lymph of the best American independent cinema and the hypermedia stimuli of the contemporary imagination.


The Jury of the eleventh edition of the award “Gandhi’s Glasses”, made up of students from the Umberto I National Boarding School in Turin, assigns the Gandhi’s Glasses Award to/to:

Little Palestine by Abdallah Al-Khatib (Lebanon, France, Qatar)

with the following motivation:

“We may also die of hunger but you die of indigestion and servility”.

This phrase is enough to motivate the award to a film that has the courage to show how history does not recur as farce, but as horror, in the face of the indifference of the Western world. His internal gaze, involved, composes a mosaic of despair that is impossible to turn away from.

Special mention / Special mention a / to:

The First 54 years by Avi Mograbi (France, Finland, Israel, Germany)

with the following motivation:

By adopting an external, specular and complementary gaze to the internal one of Little Palestine, he described the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with irony and analytical acuity, revealing Israel’s responsibilities in the colonial occupation.


The Interfaith Jury, promoted by the Waldensian Church and the Jewish Community of Turin, with the patronage of the Interfaith Committee of the City of Turin, and composed of Irene Paloma Jona (Jewish Community), Walter Nuzzo (Interfaith Committee) and Samuele Sbaffi (Waldensian Church) , attributes the ninth edition of Award for respect for minorities and for secularism / For the respect of minority rights and laity to/to:

to the film Lingui by Mahamat-Saleh Haroun (Chad, France, Germany, Belgium)

with the following motivation:

For having admirably managed to represent the reality of women in the social context of a central African country, focusing in particular on the themes of abortion, violence, freedom of decision on one’s own body, intolerance and religious extremism , contrasted with the positive role of the protagonist in creating community bonds.


The Jury composed of the students of the College Drama, coordinated by the screenwriter Aaron Ariotti, assigns the prize

Best Screenplay / Best Script Turin 39 to/to:

Une jeune fille qui va bien by Sandrine Kiberlain (France)

with the following motivation:

Because it tackles a theme with a long literary and cinematographic tradition in a surprising way, telling the drama of a tragic destiny through the luminous gaze of a girl who never loses her joie de vivre.


The Jury of the students of the Degree Course in Dams, composed by Claudia Quinto, Matteo Masi, Nicole Jocollé, assigns the prize:

Best / Best Casting Director Turin 39 to/to:

Kimberly Picado for the movie Clara Sola by Nathalie Álvarez Mésen (Sweden, Costa Rica, Belgium, Germany

with the following motivation:

For having been able to compose a balanced cast of debut actors where the stage presence of the protagonist emerges, able to tell the mysticism and oppression of sexuality through her face and body language.