Torregiani: “Film tells the story of my family thrown into a whirlwind of fear”

“I wanted to tell my story. The story of a family that found itself thrown into a whirlwind of fear, of terror, of unwanted things. In the film there is what is never told, the inner part, the feelings , the affections, the feelings. I saw the trailer and I said ‘wow, beautiful’. On Monday at the cinema I will see the film, together with my old friends, the people close to me, and as I have already said to the director, I will be a very severe critic “. Alberto Torregiani tells Adnkronos about his wait for Fabio Resinaro’s “hard-working” film. “I was in the war but I didn’t know it” is the title. And he, who fought that war declared on his father as a victim, forced to a wheelchair by one of the bullets fired to kill the merchant in the sights of the Pac, that war is preparing to relive it on the big screen.

The story is that of Pierluigi Torregiani, owner of a jewelry shop in Milan killed in 1979 in an ambush by the Armed Proletarians for Communism for defending himself during a robbery in a pizzeria. A completely anachronistic scenario, according to Torregiani himself, author, among other things, of the book that inspired the film. “Absurdly it is a very current topic – he explains – without creating any kind of alarmism, fate wants that at this moment there is the same lack of freedom, that unwanted subtraction that resurfaces. At the time it was for organized crime that terrified, today there are other fears and divisions which, however, are putting people to the test. Great is the similarity “.

“My father? I hope he would say well about this film – says Torregiani – as the insiders are describing it to me and I think he has hit the target of putting even that little bit of truth that was missing and necessary into the right track”.

(by Silvia Mancinelli)