Tortu, ‘Mennea’s passion for sport made him immortal’

One of the heroes of the golden 4×100 at the Tokyo 2020 Games remembers the great blue sprinter in the newspaper La Ragione

There were many yesterday at the Stadio dei Marmi, at the Foro Italico, to remember Pietro Mennea. The ceremony for the tenth anniversary of the death of the Italian sprint legend began at 10.01: a tribute to the Italian record over 100 meters that belonged to him for almost forty years. “Pietro Mennea was an extraordinary point of reference for how he approached training, for his ability to go beyond fatigue, beyond effort”, says Filippo Tortu, one of the heroes of the 4×100 gold at the Games, in the newspaper La Ragione of Tokyo 2020 and bronze out of the 200m at the 2022 European Championships. “We must not remember Pietro only for his sporting results, which remain incredible, but for the passion for sport that has made him an immortal example”. “The memory of a splendid person remains with me, I also spoke a lot about him with his wife Manuela”, explains the champion, who participated in the Rai documentary ‘Ma chi sei, Mennea?’. “I was eight years old when I ran into Pietro at the seaside, on holiday with my parents. I also remember him on the track, training and giving advice to my brother. Pietro is a legend, my legend,” concludes Tortu.