Torture, Fdi presents bill to repeal crime

The pdl was assigned to the Montecitorio Justice Commission. Oppositions arise

She was assigned to the Justice Commission of Montecitorio the Fdi-branded law proposal which provides for the repeal of the crime of tortureintroduced in 2017.”To adequately protect the reputation and image of the Police Forceswho work every day to guarantee public safety by risking their own lives, and to avoid the dangerous deviations that the application of the new crime hypotheses could cause”, the proposal which sees the deputy Imma Vietri as the first signatory, reads in the relation to the text, provides for “the introduction of a new common aggravating circumstance to implement the international obligations deriving from the ratification of the CAT (the Convention against torture, ed.) and the simultaneous abrogation of the criminal offenses of torture and incitement of the public officer to commit torture” provided for by articles 613-bis and 613-ter of the penal code.

Oppositions arise. “The Fdi’s proposal to cancel the crime of torture is chilling. Meloni says something: does your government and your political force want to attack a law in defense of human rights?” asks the president of the senators of the Democratic Party on Twitter Simon Malpezzi.

Alfredo BazoliPd group leader in the Justice Committee, believes “it is very serious that some Members of Parliament from the Brothers of Italy have presented a bill to repeal the crime of torture. We have not forgotten when the current Prime Minister declared that with that crime it prevents agents from doing their job”. The crime of torture exists in all democratic systems, it is required by international conventions for the protection of human rights, we are one of the last Western countries to have introduced it. The idea of repealing it reveals a worrying and dangerous idea of ​​the right-wing’s use of power and force. The defense of the rule of law, and the defense of our law enforcement agencies, cannot tolerate its questioning.”

Ivan Scalfarottosenator of Azione-Italia Viva, writes in a tweet: “How to define a government that introduces a new crime with very heavy penalties for those who go to a rave party and instead eliminates the crime of torture which punishes those who ‘act cruelly, cause acute suffering to a person deprived of his liberty or entrusted to his custody’?”.