Toto Poetry Culture, the Prince’s poetry becomes electronic music

Totò Poetry Culture is the duo made up of the poet-performer Gianni Valentino and

musician-producer Lello Tramma who re-elaborates the poetic production of the Prince in

a rainbow of electronic music. Just to celebrate the 70th birthday of

“Malafemmena” (1951-2021) the duo released on 11 August the video clip of the first episode of this story, the mashup “Illiterate Core / Lost Love”. On November 2, at the Auditorium Novecento Napoli, Valentino and Tramma held the presentation showcase and on Tuesday 23 November, between edm-dub-funk-house-electro atmospheres, the duo is back with a new video clip, “Che me manc “, Set in the Irpinia moors, and with a series of new tracks distributed on digital platforms: from” Che me mancata “to” ‘A cchiù sincera “, from” I love ê femmene “to”‘ A ‘nnammurata mia ” . From Tuesday 14 December 2021 finally arrives a vinyl with a limited edition of 100 copies with 2 tracks on the Vibrartsound label.

The electronic Malafemmena is engraved on the A side of the single. On the B side it appears instead

the unpublished Mizuzzina. So Totò had nicknamed, in intimacy, his lady Diana. She to whom he dedicated – seventy years ago – Malafemmena. The vinyl was recorded at the TraMusic Studio in Frattamaggiore in spring 2021, the mastering is by Enzo Soulfingers Rizzo. On the cover there is a fragment of the former Italsider area of ​​the Neapolitan Bagnoli district (the photo is a shot by Gianni Valentino) and the graphic concept & artwork is by Tonia Peluso.

Antonio de Curtis, better known under the pseudonym Totò, he was the author of dozens of poems: love, family, social. And some memorable songs. However, his mask in the cinema and in the theater has – often and involuntarily – distanced admirers, even the most devout ones, from the verses he wrote in creative autonomy and which were only later understood in their dimension, passion and depth. There is an innate rhythmic and musical sense – even though he is illiterate about the pentagram – in the Neapolitan artist and the Totò Poetry Culture project regenerates the sources and lets them rise again in the year of the 70th anniversary of that monument to love. cursed and unfortunate: Malafemmena. From the retro focus explicitly dedicated to Diana Bandini Rogliani, whom Totò affectionately nicknamed Mizuzzina, the musical adventure radiates with a series of digital and analogical experiments combined with Totò’s lyrics (the verses are collected in the book Antonio de Curtis IL PRINCIPE POETA edited by by Elena Anticoli de Curtis and Virginia Falconetti – Colonnese publisher). “Poetry and electronic music find their symbiosis”, says Gianni Valentino, creator of the project and narrator / performer for Totò Poetry Culture. “The spoken word and the sonic groove were created in unison. It wasn’t about composing the music and then passively interpreting the verses as if it were a song. Nor vice versa. We worked esoterically in the studio and even far away, in their respective homes. Tirelessly. Enraptured by this poetic abyss, exchanging tons of music and finding the most sensible and balanced solutions that such an adventure can demand. In a moment of human, social, spiritual and creative darkness, especially triggered by the second Covid lockdown, the arrival of this idea was a miraculous light to get me back up “. For his part, Lello Tramma argues: “After twenty years of productions, albums, concerts, collaborations with Italian and international artists, I am happy to have finally participated in a project in which I do not play the role of the leader in the foreground. It makes me feel more relaxed and also more responsible because I have grown musically and am more aware. Sometimes it’s nice to stay slightly behind fifths. Always playing “.