Totti and Ilary Blasi, new unexpected revelation: it happens when they have to talk to each other

A new background emerges in the relationship between Totti and Ilary Blasi: what happens when they have to talk to each other.

The separation between Totti and Ilary Blasi has displaced everyone. She did not come suddenly as there had been talk of a crisis for several months. At the beginning of 2022 some photos of the former Roma captain had come out with Noemi Bocchi, his current partner. Since then, there has been a lot of talk of crisis, betrayal and separation.

Totti-Ilary: revelation (credits: instagram-youtube)

The presenter in an interview with Verissimo denied any kind of news. Ilary was the first to announce the separation, followed by the words of Totti. In the beginning there has always been talk of a betrayal of the latter. At a certain point Francesco decided to take the floor and break the silence that he had made to hear for weeks.

In an interview with Il corriere della sera he stated that he was not the first to betray. He found compromising messages on his ex-wife’s phone, with multiple people. Initially he did not want to address the issue, trying to somehow save the marriage. The crisis was increasingly within the relationship and it was inevitable to face it until the separation was announced. In the last hours, in view of the first meeting in court, some friends of the ex couple at the weekly Di Più they made it known what happens between them when they have to talk to each other.

Totti and Ilary Blasi, it happens when they have to talk to each other: new unsettling revelation

On October 14, as reported by Il corriere della seraTotti and Ilary Blasi they will meet in court. It would seem that this first hearing is due to a specific request from the host. The former captain of Roma in the interview reported that his ex-wife had taken away his rolexes.

Not knowing how to react, she explained that she had taken away her collection of designer bags as a sort of pledge. Francesco says, he was hoping for an exchange which however did not take place. Here, the first meeting in court, as reported, will be held to talk about the return of the bags. Which then could also close Totti as regards the rolex. In the last few hours, new revelations have been added to the previous ones. Some friends of the ex-couple have reported to the weekly Più what happens between the two when they have to talk to each other and say something about their children.

totti ilary blasi revelation
Totti and Ilary Blasi (credits: instagram)

It would seem that there is no type of dialogue and this is also demonstrated by the fact that to talk about the return of the collection of bags and rolexes one has to go to a court. But what happens? Apparently Totti and Ilary speak to each other through messages on whatsapp. So a cold and not exactly peaceful relationship is taking place. Of course these are always indiscretions to be taken with a grain of salt.