Totti and Ilary Blasi: unlike what everyone has thought up to now

Totti and Ilary Blasi, the news has just arrived: unlike what everyone has thought so far

Totti and Ilary Blasi announced their separation in July. At the beginning of 2022 we recall the first rumors about a possible secret relationship of the former captain and a consequent strong crisis between the couple. What the presenter had denied during an interview with Verissimo.

Totti-Ilary: news (credits: instagram)

Unfortunately, a few weeks ago it was they who made it known. Ilary explained that after 17 years together and three wonderful children the marriage had ended, while Totti reported that he had tried to save him but the breakup was now inevitable. After the announcement, the presenter traveled a lot, she flew to Tanzania, then returned to spend a few days in Sabaudia, she moved back to Cortina and finally spent a few days in Croatia, by boat. She now she is back in her Roman home of hers. The former footballer, on the other hand, was spotted playing padel and other times in places and places where Noemi Bocchi, a woman with whom he would have started a secret relationship, had also been.

He was also paparazzi while he was under his home. It would seem that there is no doubt that the two are a couple. In fact, various weeklies have talked about it, such as Chi, who also revealed how Ilary would have discovered everything. In the last few hours, however, she has arrived a news that adds to the story that changes the cards a bit.

Totti and Ilary, unexpected news: differently from what was previously thought

Francesco Totti seems to have another woman in his life, Noemi Bocchi. The weekly Who spoke of the beginning of the attendance which took place about a year ago. The former Roma captain would have met the woman during a padel match. In recent weeks there has been talk of a possible interview by Ilary with Verissimo to tell the whole truth about the separation.

As Repubblica says, if this happened it would mean a real ‘declaration of war’. The gesture would lead to Totti moving towards a path that is not exactly peaceful as regards the divorce. At the moment nothing has leaked more and we do not know if this could happen or not. In the last few hours, however, a new piece has been added. Also according to what was reported by Repubblica, which cites some sources close to the now ex couple, the separation between Ilary and Totti would not have come now and suddenly.

totti ilary blasi
Totti-Ilary, news (credits: instagram)

It would appear that the two have lived in the house for a whole year apart. It seems that Francesco has discovered some messages on the host’s phone. For the sake of the family he would decide to put a stone on it and move on. Over time, however, the crisis has returned to be alive in their relationship. At that point Totti would have met Noemi Bocchi and would have started a secret relationship with her. This is what the newspaper reported. Of course, the news must be taken with a grain of salt, not knowing the truth of the facts.