Totti and Ilary Blasi, with whom and how they spent Christmas

How and with whom did the former pupone Francesco Totti and the presenter Ilary Blasi spend Christmas? Social shots reveal everything!

The first holiday season that they spent separated the now ex-spouses Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi. And the first ones shots emerged on social reveal in the company of who were the two former protagonists of one of the most discussed love stories ever.

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti: how they spent Christmas (Credits: Instagram), Sologossip

In recent weeks there had been talk of a new love for Ilary Blasi. The well-known presenter, she had been paparazzi by the photographers of Alfonso Signorini’s weekly in the company of Bastian, the entrepreneur who made our presenter’s heart beat again. Some rumors that emerged in this regard from a voice close to Ilary Blasi who had previously also revealed details about the love story between the two, had made it known that the new couple would be ready to spend the New Year together. Well, for that occasion we will find out in whose company it will be ours Ilary Blasi. But in the meantime instead, how did you spend these Christmas holidays? We ask ourselves the same question for the former pupone. In fact, in recent times there is nothing but talk about him and his new partner, Noemi Bocchi. The two together took an important step by taking a house together.

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti: how and with whom they spent the Christmas holidays

That old saying “Two hearts and a hut” now no longer describes what had been the union between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi. Throughout the summer season there had been nothing but talk of the end of the marriage of a historic couple. For them this of 2022Today, however, alongside the two well-known faces of the small screen there are other people. It is said by now consolidated the love story of Francesco Totti with Noemi Bocchi. The two moved into a house together and it so happens that the two actually spent this first Christmas together in their new home. With the two, their youngest daughters were also to keep them company: Sofia born from the previous relationship of Noemi Bocchi and Isabel daughter of Totti and Ilary Blasi. A few hours ago, an Instagram Stories appeared on the ex-footballer’s official profile in which he appeared together with his second daughter Chanel.

Christmas by Ilary Blasi
Ilary Blasi with those who spent Christmas (Credits: Instagram), Sologossip

As for Ilary Blasi instead, on social media no trace of her in the company of her Bastian has appeared. The presenter of the Isola dei Famosi has instead posted and re-posted some Instagram Stories that see her in the company of her sisters, Melory and Silvia. Both on Christmas Eve and today, Ilary Blasi would have spent these festive days in the company of his beloved family.