Totti and Ilary in court: what Blasi is asking now

Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi will find themselves in court: this is what the presenter has now asked.

We have talked about nothing else for months, the end of the marriage between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi is on everyone’s lips. The presenter of The Island of the famous announced it for the first time months ago followed by the words of the former captain of Rome. Initially there was always talk of a betrayal of Totti with the woman who is now at his side, Noemi Bocchi.

Totti-Ilary, court (credits: instagram-youtube)

The latter’s interview with Il corriere della sera has turned everything upside down. He made it known that he was cheated on first, that he discovered compromising messages on his ex-wife’s phone, with multiple people. He confirmed her bond with Noemi by confessing that he met her during a padel match about a year ago. In the beginning they had formed a friendship but over time an acquaintance was born that has become, in these months, a relationship.

Before this interview it was said that if Ilary had talked about the agreement for a peaceful separation, by Totti, he would have completely skipped. To speak, however, it was he who also released statements about the rolex that the presenter took away from him. In a few days the two, as reported, they will be in court for the first time. A hearing that will take place to talk about a specific request from the host.

Francesco Totti and Ilary will find themselves in court: what has Blasi asked now

After announcing the separation Ilary Blasi has often broken the silence on social media. She has updated those who follow her by showing all her movements. Totti, on the other hand, maintained a certain confidentiality until he decided to break it with an interview given to Il corriere della sera.

He stated that he was first betrayed and also related some details related to what happened just after the farewell. The former Roma captain has made it known that his ex-wife, when she left, took her rolexes with him. Faced with this gesture, what did the latter do? As a pledge he took his collection of designer bags. Act carried out in the hope of being able to make some sort of exchange. What then there was: “I hid the bags from her, hoping for an exchange but there was no way “, he stated in the interview. In a few days the ex couple will find themselves in court for the first time. The date set is October 14th. In these hours it emerged what the presenter would have asked for.

totti ilary court
Court hearing (credits: youtube)

According to what has come to light, Ilary would have asked for the return of his collection of bags and he did so through his lawyer Simeone. The same action should be presented by Totti’s lawyer as regards the rolexes taken by the presenter. It would seem, from this request, that there is no peaceful agreement between the two.