Totti and Noemi Bocchi, sensational indiscretion: this would have convinced him to leave Ilary Blasi

According to Corriere della Sera, a sensational news on Totti and Noemi would have pushed the former captain to leave Ilary.

If the news of the separation between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi was already in itself a twist that left everyone stunned, the real or presumed developments of which we come to know almost every day are no less. Obviously, the presence of Noemi Bocchi in the intricate plot of what has now become almost a ‘soap’ feeds hypotheses and indiscretions of all kinds.

Totti and Noemi twist (Credits: Instagram)

The one launched by Corriere della Sera in these hours, for example, it really has something sensational and, if it were to prove to be well founded, it would be an extra step towards understanding what is happening among the most talked-about famous ex-spouses in Italy. Yes, because it could be the real reason why the former Roma captain has decided to end his marriage with the presenter.

And it would also explain the cause of the current frost between them, like when they saw each other at Sabaudia upon returning from Blasi’s trip to Africa. Furthermore, it could represent the reason that prompted both of them to make two separate releases to announce the breakup. In short, if what the Corriere reveals were to be true, the triangle formed with Bocchi would be giving rise to implications to be amazed.

So let’s see what would be really happening between Totti and his new flame according to the well-known newspaper.

Totti and Noemi Bocchi, the alleged twist is unbelievable: shock indiscretion

In recent weeks, it seems that the story between Totti and Bocchi is definitely taking off. The sightings of the former captain at the home of the 34-year-old dei Parioli seem to leave no room for doubt. But now it would be another twist.

According to the Courier, Noemi would be pregnant! The ‘Pupone’ would therefore be about to become a father for the fourth time and therefore he would have decided to move away from Ilary. For the flower designer it would instead be her third child, after the first two of her had by her ex-husband Mario Caucci. It must be said that on the photos published by the weekly Who Bocchi does not seem pregnant at all, but the belly could be flat because perhaps it is the first few months.

In the meantime, Blasi went to the Dolomites to spend a few more days away from the media bustle and there she met Alfonso Signorini. In the renowned mountain resort, the conductor of the GF Vip she owns a house and told Il Messaggero what impression she had on her colleague’s mood. “I found it well. Ilary is a very lucid woman who knows her stuff, ”she explained.

Totti and Noemi
Totti and Noemi shock indiscretion (Credits: Instagram)

As stated, there is no certainty that Noemi is expecting a child from Totti. Continue to follow us to stay up to date on the triangle that is thrilling all of Italy.