Totti, Noemi Bocchi “forced to do it”: he could not act differently

After the latest news about her and Francesco Totti, Noemi Bocchi took a drastic decision: she could not act otherwise.

News that we never wanted to give you and that, unfortunately, still leaves love in your mouth: Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi have separated. They, who embodied pure, spontaneous and genuine love, were unable to resist the crisis that arose during their marriage, thus deciding to say ‘goodbye’. It will be forever? We will see, but the flashback is by no means excluded.

Francesco Totti. Credits: Instagram

If on the one hand, however, Ilary Blasi continues to win everyone’s attention due to the decision taken immediately after the announcement of the separation; on the other there is Francesco Totti who has his eyes on him because of Noemi Bocchi. According to the gossip magazines, she would be the very young Roman to be the new flame of the Pupone. Is that so? Who knows! Until now, in fact, neither of them has ever intervened on the matter. According to what is learned from some images leaked by the weekly magazine Chi a little over a week ago, however, it would seem that the former Giallorossi captain was caught by the paparazzi right under the house of the beautiful Bocchi a few days before the official statement on the end of his marriage . In all this, however, Noemi what does he do? In Il Messaggero, we read that the young Roman woman was forced to make an inevitable decision. You will never guess what we are talking about!

Francesco Totti, the inevitable gesture of Noemi Bocchi: what he did

Although very little time has passed since the announcement of the separation between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, the two continue to be the center of everyone’s attention. In recent days, the gesture that – some time ago – Noemi Bocchi would have made has been making a lot of talk. In Il Messaggero, in fact, we read that the very young Roman – pointed out by many as the new flame of the Pupone – was forced to take an inevitable decision.

In Il Messaggero, we read that Noemi Bocchi was forced to delete her surname from the intercom of the house. It would seem that – as soon as the news of her relationship with Francesco Totti spread – the woman was targeted by several people. And that she, therefore, she was forced to eliminate any trace that could lead her back to that house.

What happened to Totti after the separation?

After the press release to Ansa, Ilary Blasi left for Tanzania with her children, but Francesco? The former Giallorossi captain, as also told in one of our articles, preferred not to show himself immediately on social media and nor to leave Italy, but he wanted to dedicate himself body and soul to his passion.

totti noemi
Francesco Totti Instagram. Credits: Instagram

What do you think of this situation? Would you like to see them again together?