Totti returns to the field without Ilary: the ‘gesture’ for Noemi Bocchi does not go unnoticed

Totti returned to the field without Ilary: there he made a gesture for Noemi Bocchi that could not go unnoticed.

Since Totti and Ilary Blasi announced the separation, nothing else has been talked about. It was first the presenter who made it known, followed by the statement from the former Roma captain. In the last two months Ilary has been very active on social media. She shared everything she did, from commuting to outfits or manicures.

Totti, Noemi Bocchi (credits: instagram)

Totti, on the other hand, remained more silent. A silence suddenly broken by his unsettling interview with Il corriere della sera. In this article, he has turned the situation around. There has always been talk of a betrayal of him but his words reported that she would be the presenter to betray him first. In the interview, Francesco says he found compromising messages on the phone of his then wife about a year ago and pretended nothing had happened so as not to throw up his marriage.

He met Noemi Bocchi during a padel match and later started dating her. When the crisis was more and more within marriage, it was inevitable to talk about it. Until then there was the announcement by both of them. In recent days he has returned to the field, this time without Ilary and it would seem, as reported by Leggo, who made a dedication to Noemi.

Totti returns to the field without Ilary Blasi: what he would have done for Noemi Bocchi

Francesco Totti’s interview came like a bolt from the blue. She blew everyone away as his statements were very strong. He made it known that he was cheated on first, that he found messages from multiple men on his ex-wife’s phone. He also said that Ilary would take the rolexes that belonged to him.

The fact is that for weeks there has been talk of his relationship with Noemi Bocchi, a relationship that he himself has confirmed. They met during a padel match and initially there was nothing. Little by little they started dating and now they are in effect a couple. In these days the former captain of Roma celebrated his birthday and the first images appeared together with the woman. Totti is also back on the pitch to play but this time, we know it well, without Ilary.

totti noemi bocchi
Totti, dedicates Noemi (credits: instagram)

Francesco was present on the first day of Serie A of the Lega di Calcio a 8. A few seconds from the end of the match he scored a goal. Once again he has shown that he is in great shape. At the end he was welcomed by the choirs of the fans who have always supported him and obviously by the embrace of the team. According to Leggo, he would also have made a dedication to his Naomi with a phone call, at least this is what is reported by the site mentioned above. Of course, these are always indiscretions to be taken with a grain of salt.