Totti tells what Noemi Bocchi has done for him since he has been with her

In an interview, the former pupone Francesco Totti revealed what Noemi Bocchi has done for him since the two are dating

The words of Francesco Totti to the Corriere della Sera they came right to our ears. The former pupone, did not spare himself in delivering to the Web a statement that would have revealed details and stories unknown to us until now. “It wasn’t me who betrayed first,” Totti would have said during his interview. Words that have left their mark and who wanted to put the dots on the i on a story that until recently the former footballer and Ilary Blasi had tried to keep under strict confidentiality.

Mainly, in fact, Francesco Totti it seems that he wanted to leave his own version of events to get rid of that label that was hanging over him, that of the traitor. “I think for him this outburst was liberating, albeit painful. He almost could no longer pass for the serial traitor and liar ”, said Signorini expressing himself on the matter. The former footballer spoke of a relationship already in crisis for some time, of wounds that have not healed. And just to the microphones of the Corriere, the former pupone told in this story, what he did for him Noemi Bocchi.

Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi, what she would have done for him: the words of the former pupone

There story between Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi until a few months ago it was not certain. There had been several rumors that in recent times had seen the former footballer and Bocchi close, and only in recent weeks the ex Pupone has made the new report official to the microphones of Corriere Della Sera and consequently the definitive end of the marriage with Ilary Blasi.

During the interview, the footballer made no secret of having fallen into a period of depression after the discovery of the messages that would have led the footballer to ascertain and ascertain the alleged betrayal. Thus, Totti clarified that although he had known Noemi Bocchi for some time for several friendships in common, the two began dating from January more or less. “Our story began after the New Year. And it consolidated in March 2022. I repeat: I was not the first to betray“, he said. ù

Totti about Noemi Bocchi (Credits: Instagram)

Noemi Bocchi, in those months in which the former pupone was experiencing a difficult period, as told by Francesco Totti, would have helped him to get out of depression. “There have been rumors in the past about Ilary and about me. But they were indeed rumors. Here were the evidence, the facts. And that threw me into depression. I could not sleep. I pretended nothing happened but it was no longer me. I got out thanks to Noemi“.