Tourism and sustainable mobility, agreement between Costa Cruises and Trenitalia

The agreement provides for the study of integrated ship-train travel solutions, enhancing the territory and its characteristics

Costa Crociere And Trenitalia (FS Italiane Group) have signed an agreement for the development of initiatives in favor of sustainable tourist mobility, in particular for the movement of passengers on cruise ships. The agreement provides for the study of solutions integrated ship-train travel, enhancing the territory and its characteristics. This is what a joint note announces.

“Our commitment to achieving the ambitious zero ship project emissions net by 2050 also extends to development of more sustainable ground operations, which favor alternative and green forms of transport, such as rail transport “, he explains Giuseppe Carino, Vice President Guest Experience & Onboard Revenues of Costa Cruises. “With Trenitalia we will not only work to offer solutions for transport increasingly comfortable and sustainable for our guests, but also to create value in the destinations in which we operate, promoting excellence local tourism and developing mobility networks sustainable with a “dual use” system, which integrates the transport needs of local residents with those of ship passengers “, he continues.

“The enhancement of sustainable tourism – he added Alessandro ZorattiStrategies Director of Trenitalia – is one of our main objectives, especially in this strong phase recovery of displacements after two difficult years. More and more the train it must be posed as a viable alternative to other means of transport more pollutants and the agreement with Costa Cruises wants to encourage cruise passengers to choose our means of transport to reach the ports of departure or to return home after vacation on boat. This is also the mission of the Passenger Hub of the FS Italiane Group, focused on the mobility of people and of which Trenitalia is the leader “.

Costa Cruises and Trenitalia are therefore launching a strategic project for the sustainable transport of passengersfocused on some links with i ports of destination of Costa Cruises ships, also with the involvement of national, regional and local institutions. Among the initiatives that fall within the scope of the agreement there are also the study of local electric feeders that connect the port and the station, with the contribution of other companies of the “Polo Passeggeri” of the FS Italiane Group, and of “last mile” railway connections tourist ”port-city-airport.

Equal attention will be paid to the enhancement of historic trainsthrough the creation of dedicated excursions for cruise passengers, the construction of trains dedicated to Costa Cruises customers and the development of services to improve the connection with the train. The activities included in the protocol will be coordinated by a control room, with the task of facilitating the sharing of information, the identification of projects and their implementation.