Tourism, Ciarrocca (Adsi): “Government enhances historic homes, the largest widespread museum in Italy”

“To date, over 37,000 properties. They could be the main vector of sustainable development in the internal areas of the country”

“Some things have been done to enhance private cultural heritage and for this a special thanks goes to the Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano and to the honorable Federico Mollicone, president of the Culture Commission of the Chamber. I am referring to the Fund for Italian culture provided for in the latest budget law. However this must only represent a first step, in addition to the necessary tax deductions allowed, it seems only for medical expenses and not for cultural ones, for the real valorisation of a unique heritage which can be the pivot of the sustainable development of Italy in the medium and long term“. As Giovanni Ciarrocca, general secretary of the Italian Historic Houses Association (Adsi)speaking at the States General of national culture in Rome, at the Quirinale hotel.

“Don’t let us miss your support and closeness”, says Ciarrocca, soliciting the Executive’s interest in ADSI, “the only industry that can boast a cultural establishment in every Municipality” and historic homes “a heritage that today counts over 37,000 propertiesThe largest museum in Italy“, representative of “2 per thousand of the entire national real estate heritage which amounts to 75 million buildings”. It is a heritage, he says, “located mostly in internal areas, 54% in municipalities under 20 thousand inhabitants and of these 28% under 5 thousand and 11% under 2 thousand”, which therefore “if valued – he concludes – can represent the main vector of sustainable development of the internal areas of the countryhelping to decongest the flows of the now saturated cities of art, which often experience a depopulation of the inhabitants themselves from the centre”.