Tourism & short-term rentals, Santanchè: “fines for squatters and protection of security in the territories”

The government is studying a bill to set the limits and conditions of leases for tourist purposes at a national level. The Minister of Tourism: “Tourism turnover often has a negative impact on the quality and life of residents of urban centres”.

The bill that the government is preparing to regulate short-term rentals for tourist purposes will provide for “specific sanctions aimed at contrasting irregular forms of hospitality and guaranteeing the protection of competition and the security of the territories”. This was stated by the Minister of Tourism Daniela Santanchè responding to Question time in the Senate. “This will take place above all in the implementation phase in close synergy with the autonomous regions and provinces in respect of the competences that distinguish the levels of government” underlined the minister, adding: “it is my intention to introduce a national regulation of tourist rentals that represents a point of balance between the freedom of private economic initiative and the protection of local socio-economic contexts”.

The phenomenon of short-term rentals, also due to the proliferation of online platforms, sometimes generates oversized tourism compared to the livability of urban centers and a tourist turnover that often negatively impacts the quality and life of residents.

The issue is at the center of a working table, set up at the Ministry of Tourism, together with local administrators and the main trade associations “to shed light on the current regulatory framework for tourist locations, currently characterized mainly at the regional level with regulations very often inhomogeneous municipalities” said Santanchè with “the common objective of outlining a regulatory framework to be applied on the national territory that takes into account the gap existing between the various Italian municipalities in terms of tourist density and accommodation capacity”. Therefore the bill, currently being drafted, aims to “fix the limits and conditions of leases for tourist purposes, even if carried out in an entrepreneurial form”.