Towards energy neutrality: is green hydrogen worthwhile?

Marco Alverà, CEO of Snam, speaks to Sky TG24 Business. What future for the energy sector? What role for Russia and China in our supplies? How much weight will hydrogen have in the energy transition process? VIDEO

“Hydrogen made from wind and sun today costs 90 euros megawatt hour, in 5 years it will cost 50, by 2030 it will reach 25 euros. This is thanks to the economies of scale that are created when this market starts. A market which is already leaving “. Like this Marco Alverà, CEO of Snam, guest of Sky TG24 Business. Focusing on green hydrogen (ie obtained by electrolysis) is therefore worthwhile and will be increasingly worthwhile. This is no small point, given that the European Union (and beyond) is determined to speed up the energy transition process: by 2030 it aims to use 72% of renewables for the production of electricity, by 2050 to neutrality carbon, i.e. zero emissions. In this race against time, energy sources are needed. And green hydrogen could become an alternative.

In the episode of Sky TG24 Business on 22 November, there is also space for an in-depth study on the story of Tim with Vincenzo Longo, IG’s premium client.