Towards the M5S-Verdi alliance in the EU, Conte soon in Brussels

Mouths sewn, but some tips arrive. According to the rumors that run between Rome and Brussels, collected by Adnkronos, an alliance between M5S and Verdi in Europe would now be close, within reach. The pentastellated leaders are silent, but a dialogue would have started and could bring the leader Giuseppe Conte – engaged in the front line in the game – already in the coming weeks in Brussels. A visit that would follow the one in Rome last July by Philippe Lambert, head of the Greens in Strasbourg.

Conte is moving along two lines: working in the territories – the territorial groups and forums will soon start, to which the former prime minister is very keen – and working at a European and international level. Hence a ‘reading’ of the interviews he is releasing to many foreign newspapers – El Pais last week and today in Der Spiegel, just to name a few – especially on issues of peace and the energy crisis. Particularly sensitive issues in the 5-star home, equally for the possible ‘green’ allies.

After the failed attempt, in the last European elections, of the former political leader of the M5S Luigi Di Maio to set up an alliance “neither right nor left” with the Croatian anti-eviction party Zivi Zid, with the Poles of Kukiz 15 , the Finns of Liike Nyt and the Greeks of Akkel, the 5 Stars in Brussels are included in the group of ‘non-members’. Not a small grain considering that the rules of the European Parliament provide for one strong political limitation for those who do not have a group reference: one example among all, the impossibility of presenting the amendments in plenary. “The problem is political – explains a source from Brussels – a former prime minister, famous in Europe above all for the battle of the Next Generation Eu, certainly cannot have his party in the non-members, irrelevant from a political point of view. which, if everything goes smoothly, could be put to an end very soon … “.