Track and field champion Andrew Howe becomes Live Trainer

The Italian athletics champion joins the Virgin Active Revolution team as Live Trainer in a Series dedicated to running where he will bring his experience, his teachings and his secrets, to train ‘thoroughbred’ runners. Silver medalist in the long jump at the 2007 World Championships in Osaka, two times European long jump champion and Italian sprinter, still unbeaten champion today for some records in his specialties, he is Andrew Howe “The Ultimate Runner”. “Howe has decided to join the Virgin Active Revolution team, the multi-device platform that allows an innovative fitness experience, with workouts treated as series and podcasts that allow you to perfect your performances”, reads a note. .

“The Italian athletics champion will enrich the Revolution team as the protagonist of the new Series The Ultimate Runner where, as an exceptional Live Trainer, he will bring his experience, professionalism and technical skills in running to all running enthusiasts who see in the platform a high quality sporting reference point – it continues – The five-episode series will see Andrew Howe personally guide training through advanced running techniques, teaching correct body posture, how to manage speed to constantly improve effectiveness of running sessions and performance, and at the same time revealing the secrets for refining speed, endurance and technique”.

“Each workout will be structured to suit all fitness levels, from beginners to the most experienced runners. While there will be plenty of fun, as a professional athlete of his calibre, Andrew Howe will lead an intensely paced workout through episodes that they unfold in a path to: Learn the correct basics of running, including posture, breathing and body alignment Discover how to improve your running technique to increase speed and efficiency Learn strategies to increase endurance and overcoming personal limits,” it continues. “Receive valuable advice on how to maintain optimal physical condition starting with the perfect warm-up. Have fun between mountain climbing and running, between changes of pace and intensity, to find the right balance between strength and speed. With the entry of Andrew Howe into the team of Virgin Active Revolution, the brand, leader in the fitness and wellness sector, confirms itself as an aggregator of sporting excellence that joins highly competent trainers”. “Also for this reason, Virgin Active represents a unique model of its kind, a brand that synergistically combines expertise in different areas for exclusive and irresistible high-value fitness experiences”.