Tractor protest, Meloni: “The environment cannot be saved against farmers, I understand them”

“Europeans will make the difference to change things”

As for farmers “I understand the protests, of course, because agriculture is in a very difficult condition in Europe“. The Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in an interview with Tg5 underlines how in our country “production costs are increasing and selling prices are decreasing”. The Prime Minister points the finger at the “madness” of what “they said was a transition ecological but in reality it was an ideological transition. And if anyone thought they could save the environment by doing it against the farmers rather than with the farmers, they simply don’t know what they’re talking about”, remarks Meloni, who observes: “Clearly, the next European elections will make a difference to change all this. What farmers are asking for today are the positions that the Italian government has held in Europe on many dossiers.”

“Economic data shows the path is right”

The choice was to concentrate all the few resources available to help family income, wages, work, companies in an objectively very complex economic condition. The results on paper prove us right”, claims the prime minister. According to the FdI leader, the employment data demonstrate “that the path is the right one” and that “concentrating resources on this rather than dispersing them on things that would have had a much smaller impact was the right choice. But we are not satisfied, we must continue to work”, continues Meloni, who says regarding the business world: “We will never be an obstacle but we are an ally of those who produce and create wealth”.

“Italy’s central role at an international level is satisfied”

On the international policy front “I am satisfied with the role that Italy is returning to acquire, simply because that centrality also becomes a return for our families and our businesses. We call it foreign policy but it is also internal policy”, says the president of the Council. “Probably – continues the Prime Minister – we could have done a little more even before but in any case we are happy that today Italy has the role it deserves”.

At the helm of the G7, Italy “must continue to play the role of a nation that does not face history with slogans, that knows the stakes of the invasion of Ukraine and the Middle Eastern question” for which “a solution must be found lasting solution”, says the prime minister.

Equal opportunities, “no choice between career and children: measures for working mothers”

“What we have done is to work above all on working mothers, because I do not accept a world in which we have to choose between a career and children,” she said of her government’s policies to support motherhood. “I want to give the message that you don’t have to be forced to choose, because that is true freedom. And even here some results are coming.”

Government, “nervous opposition and compact majority”

“I believe that the opposition does its job, but I see it as decidedly more nervous than the majority, which is instead compact. Of course, there are different nuances” but “I consider them an added value, because otherwise we would be a single party. We are together by choice, when we need to find solutions, we always find those solutions.”

“European elections? The best way to campaign is to govern well”

“I think the best way to campaign is to govern and govern well, so I will continue to do my job.” To those who ask her whether the next electoral campaign for the European elections will risk blocking dossiers such as the former Ilva, Ita, Stellantis and farmers, Meloni replies no: “Clearly they are all very complex dossiers on which we are working very hard and they are complex also because they have been dragged and neglected for years. We are facing them with great seriousness, we have the advantage of not having constraints. I think the workers see it, we try to make the best choices for our economic system”, he adds.

“Defend Israel’s right to exist, but respect the civilian population”

In the Middle East we must “defend Israel’s right to exist” but also “demand respect for the civilian population”. “This is what Italy is doing, keeping its positions serious” explains the prime minister.