Tractors arrived in Sanremo: “We aim for the stage, 5 minutes for our reasons”

In the city of the Festival, the delegation of young farmers from the agricultural redemption movement left last night from the Melegnano garrison

AND’ the delegation of young farmers from the Riscatto agricultural movement arrived in Sanremo which left last night from the Melegnano garrison (Milan). At the moment he is with 7 tractors at the Sanremo flower market.

We aim to get on the Ariston stage – Davide Pedrotti, one of the leaders of the movement, tells Adnkronos -. Just 5 minutes to explain our reasons to Italian citizens”.

Meanwhile yesterday, after the statements of one of the protest representatives, the Rai press office denied “categorically having had any kind of contact with the farmers”. Whatever the decision, those who will ask to voice the protest at the Festival will be a small delegation made up of four young farmers, including Goglio’s daughter, Giulia, a farmer from Lodi together with Andrea Pedrotti from Brescia, Alessandra Oldoni from Bergamo and Fabio Pizzaris of Cagliari. “We will bring to the Festival our concerns, our fears and our efforts, to illustrate the many ideas and proposals of us young farmers, to continue to hope in the future of our agriculture and determined to continue the teachings of our parents and grandparents Only with living agriculture – they say – is there life, there is food security and sovereignty, there is respect for the environment, there is a future”.

“If agriculture stops, everything will collapse”, is the cry of alarm they raise. “We are also very determined to claim with pride and redemption the hope of not giving up and of making the institutions and citizens understand that, without farmers there will never be the food sovereignty that sets peoples free”, they argue.