Tractors, Speziali (UDC): “With Cesa we are ready to meet farmers”

“The agricultural sector is essential for the ‘Italian system’. Indeed, it represents an important world for our country, which sees many workers engaged, who must be listened to and represented in their just expectations. We cannot, nor do we want, to leave them alone , politically, the farmers and above all as far as I am concerned, this is how I will behave, also in deference to my well-known and coherent proud membership of the Coldiretti trade association (to which I am a member), led by Ettore Prandini, which has already promoter of these requests and has also resolved many of them (see the one on synthetic food!). For these reasons, that is, those that allow me an effective knowledge of the matter, from now on, I will try to organize with the secretary of my party, Lorenzo Cesa , a meeting with a delegation of these honest workers, who are located on the outskirts of Rome and represent a beautiful reality of the Italian production cycle”. Thus Vincenzo Speziali, member of the National Direction of the UDC.

“As much as can be done, not only will I try to create the condition for listening to the requests (among other things, rightly known and shared) of these honest workers, but we will try, as UDC, to better represent the legal expectations – as can be done lawfully and procedurally in the aforementioned sector. It is therefore necessary to avoid leaving anyone alone in general and always, but in this case, one cannot remain deaf and inert with respect to the questions raised and the ‘right cry of pain’ of the farmers. We Christian Democrats, consistent with our history (and it takes us back to the tireless and admirable work of the founder of Coldiretti itself, that is Paolo Bonomi, late DC parliamentarian), are close to all of them and will try our best, as well as disinterestedly, to represent them from political point of view”.