TrailHead, the digital skills platform now in Italian

With the aim of facilitating the acquisition of digital skills in the fields of business, technology and marketing, the Salesforce Trailhead platform is also arriving in Italian. Already used by over three million people worldwide and 45,000 in Italy (in English, until now) Trailhead provides thousands of hours of content both on general topics and on specific topics concerning Salesforce solutions, now more and more in demand in the world of work. We tried the platform, here are all the features and how it works.

Trailhead: what it is and how it works

Trailhead, they explain to us during a visit to the Salesforce headquarters in Milan, is a free e-learning platform that uses the techniques of gamification (i.e. based on the concept of games) to make learning more fun and effective and can be used on any PC or mobile phone. Through the platform it is possible to access over 800 courses with both specific contents on Salesforce solutions, on data analysis, on building a report, and more broad-based such as advice for writing a resume, how to prepare for a interview, how to maximize your personal characteristics. At the end of each lesson it is then possible to verify one’s knowledge and also earn points (with which, perhaps, to challenge colleagues) which allow one to level up. The platform, they explain to us, is open to everyone and is also offered in schools and universities: “For us, training is fundamental. Our logic is accessibility, ‘no code, low code’, and this means that it is not necessary to have a degree in computer engineering to be able to work with our software. However, it is increasingly important to acquire digital skills for the world of work and for this reason we are also introducing this platform in Italian”, explains Salesforce Country Leader for Italy Mauro Solimene in an interesting chat.

A platform to find work with

The platform is certainly dedicated to young people and recent graduates, but not only: it is also designed for less young people who have left the world of work but want to return to it, people who are far from the big centres, people who have different abilities: they are – they explain to us – a solution that wants to democratize and make information accessible. But that’s not all: “The fundamental purpose of Trailhead – Solimene explains – is to become a gateway to the universe of the digital economy: the economy we are going to generate should reach 10 billion by 2026 and there is a great need which is to go and develop around 36,000 digital talents who can support the platforms in the area”. For this reason, on the platform it is also possible to indicate with a special badge on your profile that you are available to work, once you have reached a certain educational level. Just think that – they show us on a PC – on LinkedIn the Salesforce expert is one of the most requested jobs by companies at the moment (Salesforce – we remind you – is one of the most used platforms by companies all over the world to make the sales machine more efficient , reach customers, manage marketing, customer service, e-commerce and in general a whole series of lateral and connected platforms that help build the relationship with customers).

Italians and digital skills

How are we, Italians, in terms of digital skills? “Every year – concludes Solimene – we publish a research on digital skills, customized country by country. In Italy we point out an enormous awareness of the fact that digital will be the future and is the engine of the revolution we are experiencing. But to the question ‘Are we ready?’ only 17 percent answered yes. Therefore, there is a lot of space to fill and there are many opportunities that are currently emerging in our country, which is accelerating”.