Train strike today 13 July 2023: Trenitalia and Italo, guaranteed times and slots

Protest confirmed but halved: Salvini signs ordinance. Filt-Cgil: “Illegitimate and wrong Mit payment”

Train strike today, Thursday 13 July 2023, confirmed but halved. The Minister of Infrastructure, Matteo Salvini, in fact notified the unions of the ordinance with which the initially planned strike starting at 3am today, it will stop at 3pm of the same day and no longer at 2 am on Friday 14 July. This is what we read in a note from MIT.

With the protest – called by Trenitalia and Italo and Trenord – total and partial cancellations are foreseen. “The minister has decided to take this measure also in the light of the assurance, gained during the table convened at the Porta Pia department and of which Salvini stands as guarantor, of the immediate resumption of union negotiations on all the points object of the agitation. Not only that, MIT also acted on the basis of a note from the Strike Guarantee Commission”.


“I have just signed the ordinance halving the train strike called by the unions for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow because leaving 1 million Italians and commuters, male and female workers stranded on a Thursday in July with a temperature of up to 35 degrees was unthinkable I will work to ensure that companies meet the unions to get to give satisfaction to the workers of the Italian railways without leaving hundreds of thousands of Italians who are not to blame “, Salvini said yesterday in a video at the end of the meeting at MIT with the labor unions.

Unions: reactions and reasons for protest

“There precept is an initiative, shameful, wrong and illegitimate. The abstentions from work have been declared according to the laws in force, we will evaluate in legal proceedings how to respond to the initiative to compress the constitutional right to strike”. So the secretary general of the Filter Cgil, Stefano Malorgio, comments on MIT’s decision to halve the train strike. “The Ministry of Transport has been aware of the strike announcements since 8 and 22 June, in these 34 days nothing has been done to prevent them while there was plenty of time and availability to do so”, he continues.

“On rail transport and air transport – underlines Malorgio again – two tables were convened by MIT only today (yesterday, ed) with the counterparts that did not produce anything. The general impression is of a Ministry that is trying to make up for lost time when it’s too late. Trains and planes have already been canceled in anticipation of the strike and therefore in any case the inconvenience to travelers will not be avoided, which must be attributed to those who brought the negotiations to a standstill”. “The workers are protesting the renewal of two national contracts and a dispute in the largest transport company in the country, nothing more than micro claims as the Minister defines them and, if answers had been given, they would have avoided losing wages with a strike” , he concludes.

We will appeal to the competent judicial offices to challenge this provision which strongly contrasts with the right to strike provided for by our Constitution”. This was stated by the general secretary Claudio Tarlazzi and the national secretary Roberto Napoleoni of the Uiltransport regarding the decision of the Mit.

“The strike, both that of Trenitalia and Italo-Ntv, had been proclaimed for some time and with the approval of the Guarantor on strikes. Today (yesterday, ed) the Ministry, out of time, decided to convene an absolutely inconclusive table – continued Tarlazzi and Napoleoni – which has not led to any solution for workers. The responsibilities for this situation must be attributed to the companies that continue to leave our requests unheard”.

“As regards Trenitalia, we need an adequate hiring plan and a more sustainable balance in the scheduling of shifts, train crews live together, for example, with an excessive saturation of service shifts to the point of not granting vacation days. For as regards Italo, on the other hand, it is unacceptable that the company refuses to renew the contract and continues to leave the negotiations in a phase of negotiation stalemate and distance between the parties, especially in the salary part, offering an unworthy adjustment given the current economic and inflationary phase which erodes the purchasing power of wages,” they point out. “More than legitimate reasons – conclude the two trade unionists – that we will continue to carry forward despite the Ministry carrying out similar acts of force that are truly worrying for the future of the workers who demonstrate for the protection and recognition of their rights”.

Strike guarantor

The request to the Minister of Infrastructure Matteo Salvini to evaluate either the injunction of the strikes by the railway workers of CGIL, CISL and UIL or alternatively the reduction of the hours of protest came from the Guarantee Commission on strikes in essential public services. It is a pec sent urgently to the Minister of Infrastructure to request the government’s decision. The request, we read, was determined by the non-acceptance by the trade unions of the “recommendation to avoid the involvement of both railway transport companies operating in the high-speed sector in joint strikes of national scope” in order to “reduce the particularly prejudicial effects for users, connected to the intensification of passenger flows in the summer period”.

On the other hand, the Commission has nothing to object to regarding another finding made on 27 June which contested the unions for “violating the rule of subjective rarefaction” which instead Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl and Uil Trasporti “have complied with”. The resolution of the strike guarantor was signed by the new president Paola Bellocchi elected today by the new Commission appointed on 9 June by decree of the President of the Republic and installed today.

Trenitalia, Italo, Trenord

The strike could have a significant impact on railway traffic and lead to total and partial cancellations of Frecce, Intercity and Trenitalia regional trains, the company said. The effects, in terms of cancellations and delays, may occur even earlier and extend beyond the time the strike ends.

During the strike, however, some national journeys will be scheduled, listed in the specific tables of the trains to be insured in the event of a strike, which can be consulted on Trenitalia, taking into account the possible important repercussions on the service, invites all passengers to inquire before going to the station.

During the strike, the national journeys listed in the specific tables of the trains to be insured in the event of a strike will be guaranteed, as well as regional trains in the commuter slots (6-9), which can be consulted on Information on connections and services will be disseminated through the Trenitalia app, the Infomobility section of, the social and web channels of the FS Italiane Group, as well as in the ticket offices and assistance offices of the railway stations, at the self-service ticket offices and at affiliated travel agencies.

The guarantee bands are also foreseen for Trenord. In the event of cancellations of the Malpensa Express service and the S50 line, replacement journeys by bus, without intermediate stops, reads the website.

In view of the strike, however, we read on the Italo website, in order to reduce the inconvenience caused to Italo’s travellers, the list of guaranteed trains is being published. For information you can contact Pronto Italo 060708.