Training and inclusion, Samsung launches ‘The voice of your generation’

A training project dedicated to young people aged 15 to 18 to create a podcast that gives a voice to Generation Z

Samsung Electronics Italia announces The voice of your generation, a new training and social and digital inclusion project which will involve ten young people aged 15 to 18 in the development and creation of a podcast that, through the sharing of stories and experiences, gives a voice to the GenZ.

Starting today until October 2, Samsung is looking for the ten young people who, after a series of ad-hoc training and training, will develop and produce the episodes of the podcast. “With ‘The voice of your generation’ we want to offer Generation Z the opportunity to express themselves in a different way, without those filters that we are increasingly surrounded by online. The voice is in fact an inclusive tool that allows each of us to express themselves without the aid of superstructures or masks – he explains Anastasia Buda, Corporate Citizenship & Internal Communication Manager of Samsung Electronics Italia – Samsung has been supporting the new generations for years and, through dedicated technologies and training initiatives, we help them realize their full potential. All of Samsung’s educational programs are designed to promote inclusive and quality learning experiences so that everyone can be aware digital citizens and pioneers of positive social change ”.

Exceptional testimonial of the project will be Giulia Stabile, dancer and talent of the twentieth edition of Amici, who with dance has managed to fully express herself and tell her story and who recently lent her voice for a small cameo in the dubbing of an animated film. “I learned that being yourself is really important, like being able to tell yourself what you are. Sometimes you just need to find the right way to do it. Mine, for example, is dance. For many others it is the voice. This is why a project like The voice of your generation is so important: because it offers young people the opportunity not only to express themselves, but also to become the voice of their generation ”, says Giulia Stabile.

The initiative is open to all young people in Italy from 15 to 18 years of ageto. To participate, you must send by October 2, 2022 a text in text format and a 90-second audio that tells your daily life, what makes you happy and what, on the other hand, worries the most, the topics that are most dear to the GenZ and the reasons for applying to be the voice of the new generation. Among all the candidate stories, in October, those of ten young people who will participate in a training course will be selected.

Doxa, a market research company in Italy and part of the Bva Group, will support the selection phase of candidates and will work on a qualitative document that will help define what young people of this generation have at heart and what themes they are passionate about. The podcast aimed at young people will therefore be entirely conceived, conceived, written and told by them and will be online starting from January 2023 on the Samsung website and on its social channels.