Transport, Campitelli (Cav): “Sustainability is in our DNA”

“Cav has the future of sustainable, connected and environmentally important mobility for the area“. Are the words of Maria Rosaria Anna Campitelli, CEO of Cav (Veneto motorway concessions), interviewed on the sidelines of the second day of LetExpo 2023, the event dedicated to transport and sustainable logistics taking place at Veronafiere from 8 to 11 March and now in its second edition.

“Venetian motorway concessions plays a very important role in this context because over the years, anticipating law 70 and then implementing it with a time horizon of 2025 and 2030, it has equipped itself with a smart network – says Campitelli – or rather an infrastructure capable of communicating with the vehicle, giving it information in real time – collected through antennas, sensors and drones – on the state of the motorway network, signaling queues, accidents, maintenance operations. The functionality and efficiency of the Smart network has already been tested in major interventionssuch as for example the last Giro d’Italia and the World Ski Championships in Cortina D’Ampezzo, controlling every aspect from a single control room”.

All the data collected can be sent from the control room directly to smartphones, tablets or, when a suitable vehicle fleet is available, to the vehicle dashboard. The Smart network is not the only high-tech initiative with a low environmental impact that Concessioni autostradali Veneto is working on, as the CEO explains: “In a few months, the feasibility study and testing of theHyper Transfer, a very high speed project with a very low environmental impact which will be tested and experimented in the next few years”.