Trapani green, pact for schools between the municipality and Open Fiber

A strong and profound public-private collaboration, oriented towards the digital and sustainable development of the City between the two seas. A profitable path started less than 18 months ago, which sees the Municipality of Trapani and Open Fiber as protagonists. The digitization works of the Sicilian capital, entirely financed by the joint-stock company led by the CEO Mario Rossetti, are now in the pipeline: about 24 thousand real estate units from the center to the suburbs are already covered by the new Open Fiber telecommunications network.

There is available to citizens, businesses, professionals and public administrations of Trapani an innovative and cutting-edge infrastructure, built in FTTH mode (Fiber to the home, i.e. the optical fiber right into the house) capable of returning connection speeds of up to 10 Gigabits per second and latency of less than 5 milliseconds. The Municipality of Trapani and Open Fiber have found another shared value in sustainability.

For this reason, following the invitation of the mayor Giacomo Tranchida and the councilors Vincenzo Abbruscato and Dario Safina, the company has decided to donate 2,500 eco-friendly water bottles for the pupils of all the schools in the Sicilian city. The delivery to children and young people took place this morning at the Town Hall.

“The initiative put in place this morning – declared the first citizen Tranchida in front of the students – intends to highlight how important it is to respect the environment, the correct consumption of water, avoiding waste and the abandonment of plastic which – above all – in a coastal city means protecting the sea and its habitat. We are convinced that this gift in the hands of the younger generations will be able to sprout a new awareness, both about the importance of water as a primary good to be protected and not wasted, and about the need to drastically reduce the waste that we produce every day. starting with plastic “.

“The municipal administration can only be grateful to Open Fiber and Best Trapani – added thecouncilor Abbruscato – thanks to the eco-sustainable water bottles donated to the pupils of the city, the many projects promoted in favor of Trapani schools are strengthened. Ideas, events, workshops that allow our children to enrich their knowledge starting also and above all from concrete experiences “.

“Give our contribution to initiatives like this one in Trapani – he said Paola Martinez, Head of Institutional Territorial Affairs of Open Fiber – is fully part of the Open Fiber mission. Moreover, we strongly believe in the potential of optical fiber as a tool to level inequalities, distribute opportunities more equitably and support the transformation towards sustainable development that protects the environment and people. Starting right from the younger generations “.