Trapani, legality protocol signed for port dredging works

A legality protocol for monitoring the dredging works of the outer port and the areas to the west of the protruding Ronciglio of the port of Trapani. The document, signed by the prefect of Trapani Filippina Cocuzza and by the president of the Port System Authority of the Western Sicilian Sea, Pasqualino Monti, strengthens the lines of defense of legality to ensure protection of the resources of the NRP.

“The protocol – explains the prefect – is part of a more general prevention system aimed at preventing any attempts at interference or infiltration of a mafia nature but also to act as a deterrent against the possibility that illicit interests may creep into the execution of dredging of the outer port and the areas to the west of the protruding Ronciglio in the port of Trapani. The huge economic resources that will flow with the funding of the Pnrr require a specific focus on the part of both the institutions and the Port Authority of western Sicily as a subject contractor, as well as all other subscribers “.

The Port Authority will set up a specific database in which all the information on the subjects involved in any capacity in the design or construction of the work will be collected and undertakes to immediately notify the prefecture of elements that may be significant in identifying attempted crimes such as extortion, bribery or extortion. The Prefecture, for its part, will carry out all the anti-Mafia investigations regardless of the economic threshold and the object, setting up a control room that will make use of the joint forces group in order to carry out continuous monitoring.

“Winning over the underworld – added President Pasqualino Monti – does not mean stopping but, on the contrary, creating, doing, in full compliance with transparency and legality. This is why I consider the drafting of a protocol that strengthens synergies and collaboration mechanisms and emphasizes the attention to be paid when using public resources. The document strengthens the preventive action against attempts at undue interference and mafia infiltration, also to guarantee companies and their healthy operation”.