Traumas in children, mistakes to avoid and myths to dispel

Course in Catania. The doctors: “Our hope is to disseminate and train as many families and caregivers in the Sicily Region”

Accidental falls, burns, obstruction of the airways and suffocation, even fatal injuries due to non-compliance with road safety regulations. Pediatric trauma cases report alarming numbers for which there is only one watchword: prevention. And precisely prevention is the objective of the free course open to all which will take place in Catania on Monday 20 February from 15.30 to 17.30, at the Francesco Ventorino Institute. The meeting will also serve to identify mistakes to avoid and myths to debunk. The initiative is by Dr. Giuliana Rizzo, anesthesiologist, who in this journey on the prevention and protection of children will be supported by Dr. Daniela Poli, pediatric cardiologist, and by Dr. Giovanni Gibiino, anesthetist. “Our hope is to disseminate and train as many families and caregivers in the Sicily Region” says Dr. Rizzo.

“Traumas represent one of the main causes of mortality and morbidity in the pediatric age and account for thousands of visits of young patients to the Emergency Department – he underlines – 90% of such traumas in the pediatric age are predictable and preventable with simple behavioral rules to be implemented act on the part of those who take care of the children”. And “education programs on the prevention and management of pediatric trauma are the most effective way to reduce traumatic events and, consequently, the likelihood of death or serious injury. We believe that any prevention effort must be implemented by part of the specialists in the sector to reduce childhood traumatisms”.

“Since the establishment of the Pediatric Trauma Center of the Meyer University Hospital in Florence, now in its tenth year of activity, the pediatric trauma prevention program has been launched, characterized by meetings aimed at families – explains Giuliana Rizzo – Such course in Florence was possible thanks to Dr. Leonardo Bussolin, anesthetist and director of the Trauma Center, the Meyer Foundation of Florence” and Dr. Rizzo herself, who over the years has developed skills in the pediatric field and collaborated with the Trauma Center of the ‘Meyer Children’s Hospital where he worked for several years.

It was she, Sicilian, who subsequently brought the project to Sicily, to Catania. “The objective of the course is to ensure maximum dissemination of the prevention of childhood trauma and to focus attention on the safety of children. Prevention plays a central role because – he warns – in the face of a traumatic event in the child there are very high percentages of both mortality both of serious and permanent injuries and the case record is alarming”.

“Prevention is everyone’s civic responsibility – he underlines again – and concerns health professionals as citizens and parents, even before being doctors”.

The topics covered during the meeting will be: head trauma, shaken baby syndrome / shaken baby syndrome, accidental falls, burns, poisoning, drowning, dog bite, electrocution, suffocation in sleep / SIDS, airway obstruction and suffocation road safety.

The meeting is open to everyone, parents, teachers, grandparents, babysitters and all interested parties. Because never as in this case prevention is much more important than cure.