Tremolada (Spotify Italy): “Sanremo fly extraordinary for artists”

Federica Tremolada has been managing Spotify’s South-East Europe hub for almost four yearsthe world’s number one streaming platform in the music field and beyond, founded by two Swedish guys whose story was told in six episodes in the series “The Playlist”Just released on Netflix. You met her and interviewed the newspaper La Ragione from “Casa Spotify”, the new headquarters in the Milanese financial district of Garibaldi-Porta Nuova.

In the curriculum of the Tremolada appear names of prestigious universities (Bocconi and Harvard) and a growing career first at Google and then at YouTube, up to the arrival in the Stockholm group. “Yet I want to reiterate, especially to my team, how important it is also to stumble to reach certain goals”, she explains to La Ragione. “We tend to give a negative connotation to the word failure, when instead it is the necessary step to success. I, for example, fail every day, several times a day”. Like that time she, she just hired by the then startup Buongiorno, in which she happened to mistake the music programming for one channel, mistaking it for another; an error that impacted thousands of people: “I apologized and from that experience I learned to pay even more attention to details”.

And this attention to detail can also be seen in “Spotify house”, Where people who come from 28 countries and speak 26 different languages ​​are employed. “Inside our headquarters there is a ping pong table, a football table, the gym and even a room for breastfeeding mothers.” A theme that is particularly dear to her, given that she has been a mother for a year and a half: “In Italy there is still a lot to do on this front. The revolution must start first of all with men.. Institutions can lend a hand in this, for example by recognizing parental leave equal to that of the mother, for example, as is already the case in some countries of Northern Europe.. This would help them to perceive more the importance of their role “.

When asked what helped her most in her experience as a woman and a working mother, Tremolada has no doubts: “My emotions, which at times hindered me but on other occasions helped me. And then having been always myself. I remain convinced that, at whatever level, one’s authenticity comes out, it’s not something you can pretend on. ” Likewise she can’t hide how women are still absent from most of the top management of Italian companies. “It’s not even better in the music field,” she points out. “Suffice it to say that, according to a research carried out with GfK, only 14.1% of women are present in the music charts of the top charts. There is no doubt: we have to work harder”.

Speaking of music and effort, we cannot but ask you for a comment on the Måneskin phenomenon: “They are very good but Sanremo, in general, remains an extraordinary driving force for artists. We have a playlist dedicated to the Festival that is so good that it has been advertised on TV for 3 years now. “There is another great phenomenon when it comes to Spotify: Professor Alessandro Barbero who, thanks to this platform, has experienced a success that not even Superquark does. But the most curious aspect remains that the curator of the podcast is not him but one of his fans, Fabrizio Mele, an engineering student with a passion for history. Pen and paper now belong to another era.