Trentino provincial company opens enrollments in the nursing competition

Permanent employment in the 7 hospitals or local structures

Have you ever thought about being a nurse in Trentino? If you too think that in addition to professional growth, quality and living environment are important, then Trentino and the Healthcare Company are the right place for you!”. With this invitation, theProvincial company for health services (Apss) of the Autonomous Province of Trento opens today a competition for the permanent recruitment of nurses to be included in the 7 hospitals or in the territorial structures of the only public health company in the province of Trento.

Registration for the competition – explains a note – can be done online from the website > Work with us. You have until 12 noon on Friday 14 April to sign up. An initial selection is envisaged, which will give 400 nurses the opportunity to access the tests of the competition and, in the meantime, to be hired on a fixed-term basis in Apss structures. The promotion campaign is part of the health care personnel attractiveness project launched in recent months by the Apss and the Trento PA.

“We have announced this competition for nurses to fill the vacancies in the staff of our hospital and territorial structures – he underlines Antonio Ferro, director general of the Aps – After Covid, Trentino, among the first territories in Italy, has shown an extraordinary ability to readapt to a healthcare model that has completely changed. The concept of proximity is essential today for prevention, for assisting patients with quality at home and we have proposed an organization that goes in this direction. Anyone who decides to come to work in Trentino today will have the opportunity to experience this innovative system towards which Italian healthcare is moving to cope with the great demographic change underway”.

In Apss – highlights the company – professional development starts from the onboarding phase of the new employee, a moment to which the institution pays close attention by articulating the first period of recruitment with a personalized, structured and formalized insertion path. From day one, the new hire is accompanied and guided through both specific initial training with professional, organizational and value-based contentsand through the support of a tutor who certifies the gradual growth in the basic skills required by the professional profile.

The training of Apss professionals does not stop at the beginning of their hiring, but continues over time grow their skills and knowledge: possibility of accessing continuous internal training during service hours (during 2021 the Apss Training Service organized 920 training events with a total of 38 thousand participants) and university and non-university training, using study hours (in addition to 150 hours) with funding from expenses, in whole or in part, of the training courses. Professional growth is accompanied every year with the assignment of individual goals that connect the performance of the individual to the performance of the organization, making him feel an active part in the company’s continuous improvement process. Again, in Apss attention to professionals is demonstrated even in the event of long periods of absence from service. In the event of absences of more than 120 days, employees have the option of joining ‘Individual Alternative Projects’ which envisage the achievement of specific objectives agreed with their manager or at work or at home via telework, in order to maintain continuous contact, avoid isolation and continue to contribute to the activity of the Operating Unit by carrying out activities outside shift work.

As for i childcare services – the company points out – Trentino has a network of nurseries and nursery schools. In Apss, in Trento, the company crèche is active which welcomes the children of employees on three frequency bands (open from 6.30 in the morning until 21.30 in the evening) and is organized to meet the needs of shift workers. For questions and insights relating to the management of rankings and hiring, the number 0461 904078 is active on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10-12.