Treviso, Gdf seizes Bentley from 250,000 euros

Smuggled in from Andorra

The yellow flames of the provincial command of Treviso have seized, on the hypothesis of a crime of smuggling, a luxurious and very expensive car, registered in 2020 in the Principality of Andorra and imported into Italy evading customs duties for 45,000 euros. It is a Bentley Continental Gran Turismo, with a commercial value of around 250,000 euros, the driver of which was found to be a woman residing in the province of Treviso. To allow the investigations culminating in the precautionary seizure, validated by the local Court, also during the review, was a report from the Traffic Police of Treviso which, during a checkpoint activated on the Treviso Mare state road, stopped the car of luxury, sanctioning the driver because, although resident in Italy for more than 60 days, she was driving the vehicle registered abroad.

Subsequent customs investigations, conducted by the financiers of the Treviso Group, made it possible to ascertain that the temporary importation of the vehicle from the non-EU country to Italian territory had not been authorized, and therefore the woman was reported for the crime of smuggling, which for cases of this kind provide for a penalty of two to ten times the border rights evaded, in addition to the confiscation of the car. The justifications of the driver were useless, who declared that she had been forced to use the luxury vehicle to participate in an important sporting event, as her own car was in an accident: with the collaboration of the Local Police of Treviso and the monitoring of the city ​​video surveillance system, it was in fact ascertained that the Bentley passed through the provincial territory on several occasions, even in the days prior to the demonstration in which the woman was supposed to participate.

From the road accident database, however, it emerged that the accident to the woman’s personal car had occurred two months earlier than the detention of the luxury car. The intervention of the Guardia di Finanza of Treviso, which also made use of the collaboration of the local Customs Office, allowing the recovery and taxation of unpaid customs duties, as well as the seizure of the vehicle, formally registered in the Principality of Andorra but regularly used in Italy, in view of the definitive confiscation at the end of the criminal proceedings and therefore of its acquisition to the State assets.