Tricolor, Mattarella: “Symbol of unity and indivisibility of the country”

Meloni: “Tricolor has accompanied and inspired the journey of the Italian people”

“Today we celebrate the 226th anniversary of the ‘National Flag Day’, symbol of our country. It was January 7, 1797 when the representatives of Bologna, Ferrara, Modena and Reggio Emilia, proclaiming the Constitution of the Cispadana Republic, raised the first Tricolor red, white and green with horizontal bands, the flag of their unity. Under these colors, with these sentiments, our ancestors, in the following decades, fought to bring about the unity of Italy. Under this flag the deeds of the Risorgimento were accomplished” . The President of the Republic declares it, Sergio Mattarella.

“The Tricolor flag accompanied the War of Liberation and, chosen by the Constituents as the banner of the Republic, constitutes the symbol of the unity and indivisibility of the country and of that heritage of common values ​​and principles solemnly sanctioned by our Constitutional Charter. Values ​​that represent the ideal and moral to draw on to face the difficulties that every nation finds itself going through.An expression of the civil passion of the Italian people, the Tricolore expresses the will of a democratic State, open to international collaboration and close to the citizens, which pursues, first of all favor of young people, the best conditions for building the future, in a climate of peace, justice, social cohesion. Long live the Tricolor, long live the Republic”, concludes the Head of State in his note.

MELONS – “Today Italy celebrates the National Flag Day. The nation celebrates the Tricolore born in 1797 in Reggio Emilia which in these 226 years has accompanied and inspired the journey of the Italian people. Consecrated in the Constitution, the Flag is the symbol of the National unity, encompasses the values ​​of freedom, solidarity and equality on which our homeland is founded and embodies that extraordinary historical, cultural and identity heritage that is universally recognized in Italy”. Thus, in a note, the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

“In the world, the Tricolor represents the spirit of sacrifice and the ability of our soldiers engaged in peacekeeping missions to give themselves to others, it is the flag that our diplomats hold high in defense of the national interest, they are the colors that our compatriots abroad are in their hearts and that they put into everything they do”, underlines the premier, who adds: “In a famous painting from 1920 Cafiero Filippelli paints a woman intent on mending a Tricolor. An extraordinary image, a metaphor for our daily commitment Sew up what is torn, tie the threads of our being together again, rediscover ourselves as a community: this is the path we intend to follow to free the best energies of the nation and make Italy even more a protagonist in Europe and in the world”.