Trini Neira, from Cancun, reacted to the fires in Viña del Mar

The influencer Trinidad Neira, expressed solidarity with the Chilean people of Viña del Mar who are experiencing very difficult times. The daughter of Pamela Díaz and the former Colo Colo soccer player, Manuel Neira, is currently in Cancun, but even so, she took advantage of the volume of followers that she accumulates in Instagram, to collaborate with the dissemination of how to help the Chilean people who were affected by the fires in the last hours.

The Chilean government decreed the “state of exception due to catastrophe” after the drastic hours that the people live. The fire It has spread over some 110 hectares, and has left 2 people dead, dozens injured and hundreds homeless. “There are many areas that cannot be entered, there are active sources, preliminary estimates of up to 500 homes, but verified there are 130,” said Interior Minister Carolina Tohá. Furthermore, it was confirmed that the fire It would have had a human origin, and investigations are advancing to find the truth about how it started and those responsible.

Source: Instagram @trini.neira

It was in this grave context that Trinidad Neira He published in his Instagram stories the request for help and supplies to help those affected. On the one hand, she shared the post of @infocaninachile, who are seeking help for the dogs and animals that have been affected by the fires.

Source: Instagram @trini.neira

On the other hand, in a second story Trinidad Neira renewed the request for help for the people, where Plaza Sucre in Viña del Mar is announced as a collection point. Among the items requested are non-perishable food, blankets, blankets, clothing for both children and adults, and gifts for children are inevitable, because despite such hell, tomorrow they will receive Christmas.

It is important to highlight the gesture of solidarity and compassion of the daughter of Pamela Diaz with the Chilean people, his followers sent him their affection in their networks. The influencer and model, she usually takes these types of actions that make her very loved by her followers.