Trini Neira: Pamela Díaz’s daughter revealed what her plans are for 2022

Trini Neira she is the daughter of Pamela Diaz and Manuel Neira. Although she is not as outgoing or active on social media as her mother, she has 429,000 followers on her Instagram account, where she has managed to carve out her own space. The influencer was studying in Spain but she came back for “personal things”, as she commented in the interview. She is currently living in Chile with her family.

Last May 5, Trinity went to see Rauw Alejandro’s concert in Chile, and uploaded several videos on the network of the little camera. The Puerto Rican singer was going to perform on March 3 at the Movistar Arena, but due to the national situation regarding COVID-19, the concert was postponed for this month.

Over there, Trinity She was interviewed by and talked about everything a little. “The truth is that it seems super strange to me because I’m not used to it, but super good. People are super cool, I have nothing to say ”she commented regarding the networks.

Source: Terra Archive

As for your projects for this 2022, Trinity He confessed: “This year I intend to continue studying, working, more than anything. I think I will be seeing things related to fashion, but it can be changed if necessary. But for the moment in fashion.” Regarding doing the same thing as her mother, she replied: “In truth, in general, I am super low profile, but if it serves me for something in the future, I will use it.”

Source: Instagram @lahoraoficial

As for the relationship with her mother, the daughter of Pamela Diaz he described it as “Too good the truth, we are like best friends, like sisters, the truth. As it is seen in social networks. Nothing to say, it is a seven”. Both constantly post videos together on the networks, living funny moments.