Trini Neira photographed herself in a bathing suit and drew all eyes

Trini Neira is 21 years old and Pamela Diaz 41, so those 20 years apart make the relationship between the two very close. Although they often fight jokingly on the networks, the bond between them is genuine and very close, especially since La Fiera acts as mother and father at the same time.

pamela is living a romantic moment with Jean Phillipe Cretton. In recent days, the panelist posted a video where she says: “I’m on a date right now.” The Minute to Win driver tries to tell him something about her and she jokes: “What, my love? Than? Were you going to ask me to marry you? My love! Yes I accept. I agree. I catch you”.

“I was going to tell you something… I mean, yes, but no…”, replied Jean Phillipe between laughs. Although this seemed like just a joke, the request for a formalization in the couple was pending. At the moment pamela he is enjoying alone time with the entertainer since his oldest daughter is on vacation.

Trini Neira in Cancun. Source: Instagram @trini.neira

“A while far away… ????” wrote Trini Neira in her latest post, while she posed full-length from the front in a two-piece swimsuit printed in green and orange tones that she matched with a pareo. She also accompanied his Caribbean look with bronze flip-flops. The Instagram post was filled with likes and comments comparing mother and daughter.

Trini Neira posed on her vacation in Mexico. Source: Instagram @trini.neira

“Beauty just like her mother”, “My life is beautiful”, “Nooooooooo! How beautiful” and “Very beautiful, enjoy and rest” and “How wonderful my Trini tinii” were some of the messages she received. Although the young woman has not yet been accompanied, it is very likely that she is with a boyfriend enjoying Cancun.