Trini Neira’s message to Jean Phillipe Cretton that bothered Pamela Díaz

The sentimental relationship between Pamela Diaz and jean philippe cretton It is one of the most famous in the television medium. The host and the journalist are going through their third year of dating and the good moment can be seen reflected in the social networks of both.

Jean Phillipe Cretton posing. Source: Instagram @jpcrettino

Among the many publications by Valentine’s Day, that of this couple did not go unnoticed, since together they were shown on video and with a particular questionnaire towards the driver. Questions about coexistence and attitudes of both were part of the battery of questions that could be seen on the channel Youtube by Pamela Diaz.

Trini Neira posing. Source: Instagram @trini.neira

During the audiovisual production, the presenter’s daughter became part of the video and unleashed her anger. Trini Neira was in the house during the questionnaire of Pamela Diaz He was advancing and did not hesitate to “take pity” on Jean Phillipe Cretton in the face of one of the questions he received.

Trini Neira’s message that bothered Pamela Díaz

Díaz remarked to the journalist within two years they would submit their relationship to a “renegotiation” in order to evaluate it and thus be able to decide if they were still together or it was best to break up and each one go their own way. “After five years we are going to evaluate the situation. We are going to see how each item has improved or regressed and there we renew our votes,” he managed to respond. jean phillipe.

At that moment, Trini Neira intervened in the video and yelled “Patience Jean Phi, patience”. The reaction of Pamela Diaz The one who showed himself on camera annoyed and sentenced: “How stupid. It’s my daughter who screams patience from the north wing of my house. How stupid.” For his part, Cretton only dared to smile and eagerly await the next question.