Trip to Japan, 5 reasons to go to the cinema to see the film with Isabelle Huppert

Trip to Japan is the dramatic and romantic genre film released in cinemas in Italy on January 11th and starring the French diva Isabelle Huppert which turns out to be a gem not to be missed.
Huppert is paired with her male co-protagonist Tsuyoshi Ihara, a Japanese actor of Korean origin who admirably supports her on set.

The film is directed by Élise Girard and was presented at the 80th edition of the Venice International Film Festival, as part of the Giornate degli Autori.
The advice is to absolutely not miss this title at the cinema, because it really deserves it. But if a warm invitation wasn’t enough for you to go to the theater to enjoy this film which manages to harmoniously mix the genre drama to that of love story, then we tell you the 5 fundamental reasons why in our opinion you shouldn’t miss it. Starting from one of the most obvious, not to say self-evident reasons: the presence of a living legend of the caliber of Isabelle Huppert.

For many this is enough: the presence of Isabelle Huppert in the cast

Isabelle Huppert is one of the most famous actresses in the world. Her presence alone should attract any cinephile who defines himself as such, furthermore the fact that the diva is one of the most illustrious testimonials of European cinema should entice European spectators even more to go to the cinema, and therefore us Italians too.

Unfortunately, we know well how difficult it is for an actress to establish herself on sets after a certain age, given that showbiz prefers to grant leading roles to young divas, making life (and career) very difficult for the majority of female performers who they have passed the years. So, when a film finally stars a mature woman like Isabelle Huppert (born in 1953, she turned 70 last March), we should go and watch it at the cinema with even more enthusiasm.

A film that tells one of the most beautiful things that exist: reading (and writing)

Another reason that should encourage you to immediately go to the theater to watch Trip to Japan it’s the fact that it focuses on one of the most beautiful things that exist: reading (and writing).
The film directed by Élise Girard in fact tells the story of the established French writer Sidonie Perceval (played by Isabelle Huppert), who, after tragically losing her husband, stopped writing.

He will find the strength, desire and magic to return to doing what he loved most thanks to both a tourist and existential journey. The trip to Japan in the title, in fact, becomes a real initiatory journey, as happens in the best books in the history of literature…

A film that becomes a one-way ticket to a wonderful adventure

Watching a film always allows you to take off for distant places. The same happens with books. Then when a film tells of a protagonist whose profession is precisely that of writing books, and she literally makes us fly to the other side of the world, then it really is as if we had bought a plane ticket rather than a cinema ticket…

The protagonist Sidonie Perceval (Huppert) is sent to Japan for the re-edition of her first novel. In this wonderful country, the woman will meet a local publisher, Kenzo (played by Tsuyoshi Ihara). Kenzo will accompany the woman to discover Kyoto, a Japanese city famous for its temples and shrines. The path that Sidonie will begin will be a path of rebirth, the same one in which the spectator will be able to identify.

Tsuyoshi Ihara proves to be a colleague worthy of the French diva’s skill. This is a period in which the acting talent of Japanese nationals is emerging in all its enormous power. We remind you that the film is on the short list for the Oscar for best international film (Japan). Perfect Days by Wim Wenders, awarded at the Cannes Film Festival for best male performance to the extraordinary Japanese actor Koji Yakusho.

A very sweet love story to fill your heart…

Even the very romantic side of Trip to Japan “It’s worth the trip”, as they say in tourism. Here we can paraphrase by saying that it is “worth the ticket”, even if – as we said before – this film also allows us to travel with our imagination by showing us the beauties of the Rising Sun on the screen and allowing us to land on the other side of the world to enjoy it together to the protagonist the Japanese wonders.

Among the beauty of the cherry trees in bloom, a very sweet love story also blossoms. Sidonie will start a relationship with her date, while she tries to leave the past behind. Her journey will be a sweet wandering between loves of the present and ghosts of the past. What the woman is trying to do is something that human beings are often unable to face: mourn.

This film helps us in many things, making us identify with deep empathy in contexts that help the heart, the psyche, everything.

The film is directed by a female director and becomes pure poetry thanks to her gaze

As the first reason why it is good to go to the cinema we have listed the presence of a mature actress. Another good reason concerns the direction: she is a female director.

In addition to supporting women’s quotas in any field, it is a good idea to go to the theater to watch the film by the talented Élise Girard as this filmmaker manages to lend us her delicate and poetic gaze in a truly fascinating way.
Girard will amaze you by offering you an unconventional point of view but one that, thanks to his ability to instill exceptional empathy in his films, manages to make this story accessible to everyone.