Trolls 3 – All Together, an exclusive clip from the animated film

Trolls 3 – All together will premiere on November 1st and in cinemas from the 9th. While you wait, at the top of the article you will find a scene from the animated feature film exclusively for the Sky TG24 website

After two films from which the true friendship that binds them and their relentless flirtations emerge, Poppy (Kendrick – Lodovica Comello in the Italian version) and Branch (Timberlake – Stash in the Italian version) are now officially, finally, a couple (#broppy) ! Their ever-increasing closeness leads Poppy to discover that Branch has a secret past. He was once part of his favorite boyband, BroZone, with his four brothers: Floyd (Golden Globe-nominated electropop hit TROYE SIVAN), John Dory (ERIC ANDRÉ; Sing 2 – Louder and louder), Bruce (Grammy winner DAVEED DIGGS; Hamilton) and Clay (Grammy winner KID CUDI; Don’t Look Up). BroZone broke up when Branch was still a child (aka “Bitty B”), and the same happened to the family: Branch hadn’t seen his brothers since then.

But when Branch Floyd’s brother is kidnapped for his musical talent by a pair of evil pop stars — Velvet (AMY SCHUMER, Emmy winner; A disaster of a girl) and Veneer (ANDREW RANNELLS, Grammy winner and Tony Award nominee; The Book of Mormon) — Branch and Poppy embark on a tormented and moving journey to reunite the other siblings and save Floyd from a fate even worse than pop culture darkness.

The background

The hit musical of 2016 Trolls has become a best-selling DreamWorks Animation franchise and brand, including two original TV series, digital content, video games, touring live entertainment shows, and Universal Studios park attractions around the world, as well as collaborations with high fashion, toys and lifestyle collections. And it is not difficult to understand the reasons why. “This world and these beloved characters embrace heartfelt humor that champions community, inclusion, kindness and all that shines,” says MARGIE COHN, President of DreamWorks Animation. “The universe of Trolls it has become the party that no one wants to miss.”

Trolls World Tour comes out in the first days of lockdown, in the spring of 2020, and gives fans a sense of joy and connection during a period of anxiety and detachment. The film, which takes Trolls Poppy and Branch around the world, opening their eyes (and ears) to a new universe of musical styles and the rich diversity of Troll culture, opens up the characters, the audience, the directors and the actors to new possibilities. “We worked hard starting from Trolls World Tour”, says director Walt Dohrn, who had already directed the previous films. “It was the first streaming film released during the pandemic, at a time when people needed something to help them escape, feel good, have fun. Our entire current cast and crew had an understanding of what that film meant, and were honored to be a part of it.”

AND Trolls 3 – All together promises to be the heartwarming, hilarious and entertaining event of the Christmas season. “The audience will have a blast, we hope to be able to hear their laughter echo throughout the theater,” says producer Gina Shay, who produced all the films in the saga. “With the film you experience the breathtaking visuals and immersive music in a complete cinematic experience. It’s the celebration everyone has been looking for and a reminder to be more open to everything we consider out of the ordinary, to love and the beautiful contrast with your family.”

Trolls 3 – All together tells the stories of Poppy and Branch as they embark on a deeper journey into their lives and stories, and explores the importance of family, reconciliation, understanding and healing. The fact that Poppy and Branch are now a romantic couple creates new comedic, theatrical and of course musical possibilities. “Poppy and Branch have been on some epic, life-changing adventures together, and in this story we see their bond grow stronger,” says Shay. “Witnessing a new relationship dynamic to explore is refreshing from a story and joke perspective, especially while navigating an unexpected and complicated family scenario.”

In this new chapter, Kendrick and Timberlake bring further nuance to the characters of Poppy and Branch. “Justin and Anna are funny actors and incredibly talented singers,” says Shay. “It’s been a joy to evolve their characters internally. It was a pleasure to see Justin reconnect with his boy band roots, as well as bring to the big screen the self-deprecating comedy that only those who have truly experienced it in life are capable of delivering. Branch is also dealing with abandonment issues, which gives Justin the opportunity to further expand the character’s dimensions. Anna instead overwhelms us with her humor, bringing this new hilarious aspect of the die-hard fan to Poppy’s personality. The character creates a connection with the audience about fulfilling their desires.”

In adding dimension and depth to the relationship between Poppy and Branch, the directors draw on the lives and personalities of their stars. “We asked ourselves what is authentic to the characters,” Dohrn says. “At the same time, Anna in real life is more like Branch, and Justin is more like Poppy. It’s so funny that the characters start to take on their respective personalities from Anna and Justin’s lives. We see them grow, while maintaining the core of their identity.”

For the filmmakers, the film’s narrative and themes had a surprisingly profound impact on their lives. “It was an emotional film for me,” says Dohrn. “It allowed us to address issues with ourselves in the context of our families. We talked about the importance of reconnecting with family. I challenged myself in a way that I had never done before, and it changed me, and I carried this important baggage with me into real life. My awareness, my attitude towards life have evolved.”

Co-director Tim Heitz, who served as head of story in Trolls World Tour and directed NBC’s 2021 special Trolls. Happy holidays in harmony, is convinced that this story will find favor with the public, regardless of age or cultural references. “Anyone can relate to the family dynamics we explore in the film, whether they’re the family members you get along with perfectly or the ones you’re hardest to connect with,” Heitz says. “What we are looking for is that human, universal experience that is easy to identify with, which can be found in these strange and extravagant dolls with colored hair”. The emotional attraction of this film, of all the films in the saga Trolls, can be traced back to a basic idea that is always found, regardless of the individual adventure. “The moral of the story is always the same: ‘Be kind. The world would be a better place if we all were,’” concludes Dohrn.”