Truce in the Third Pole, commitment on a single list at the European Championships

A joint document was unanimously approved at Palazzo Madama, for a commitment to “loyal collaboration”. The parliamentary groups will also remain alive with the current numbers

The “truce” between Italia Viva and Azione was signed, after almost two hours of assembly of senators of Italia viva and Azione which took place in Palazzo Madama. The two groups signed a joint document, which was approved unanimously, for a commitment to “loyal collaboration” of parliamentarians and to start a process for a single list in the next European elections. The parliamentary groups will also remain alive with the current numbers.

“Collaborate in the joint European list”

“The senators of Azione and Italia Viva acknowledged that: Azione and IV have set up single Groups in the Chamber and in the Senate; they have agreed to create a federation approved by the respective national assemblies on 19 November and 4 December; the unitary path is has been interrupted in recent weeks”, therefore “they invite the political forces to collaborate for the creation of a single list for the 2024 European elections extended to all the forces that recognize themselves in Renew Europe”. This is what the document that Iv proposes to Action asks for, put on the table of the group’s assembly in the Senate.