Trump, 2 employees would have moved secret documents to Mar-a-Lago before the FBI blitz

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Two employees of former US President Donald Trump allegedly moved some boxes of secret documents from his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, before FBI agents searched it. It is written by the Washington Post, among the US newspapers that continue to follow the investigations that see Trump accused of having stolen confidential papers from the White House with more attention. According to the investigators, the news of the alleged involvement of the tycoon’s employees could be configured as “a possible obstruction”.

The new details of the investigation

From the new details that emerge, Trump and his collaborators would also have carried out a sort of “dress rehearsal” for the movement of sensitive documents even before his office received the search warrant of May 2022. The timing of what was discovered, always writes the Washington Post, could prove crucial in judging whether Trump really intended to keep hundreds of classified documents at his disposal once he left the White House. Not only that: according to prosecutors, Trump also used to keep confidential documents in his office, in a place where they were visible, and sometimes he showed them to other people.