Trump against journalists: “In jail”

Who disclosed the Supreme Court decision on abortion to the press? “You have to ask the journalists: until they speak, in jail”

Journalists who fail to reveal the source of a scoop, especially with a story leaked by the Supreme Court, should go to jail until they reveal the source. It’s Donald Trump’s recipe. Faced with the impossibility declared by the Supreme Court to identify the person responsible for the leak of news on the decision to abolish the constitutional right to abortionthe former US president proposes to send journalists in prison who published the sensational scoop.

“They will never find out and it is important that they find out – wrote the former president on Truth Social referring to the person responsible for the leak – So you have to go to journalists and ask them who did it. If they don’t answer, let’s put them in jail until they give an answer. And to the list we can add director and publisher”.

Last spring the two journalists of the Politico website, Josh Gerstein and Alexander Wardanticipated the opinion of judge Samuel Alito with which, a few weeks later, the Roe vs. Wade sentence which had legalized abortion in the United States since the 1970s was effectively overturned by the conservative majority of the Court.

After the Politico revelations, Republicans and conservative commentators vigorously condemned the unprecedented leak of a Supreme Court opinion, demanding that the perpetrator be found and punished. Yesterday the Supreme Court published a report stating that on the basis of the evidence gathered so far it appears “impossible” to identify the person responsible.