Trump and the sexual assault charges, trial will not be postponed

A federal judge in New York did not accept the request of the former US president, the date of April 25 confirmed

A Federal judge in New York rejected Donald Trump’s request to postpone the start of his trial for sexual assault and defamation, confirming the April 25 date. Last week, the former president’s lawyers filed a request for a postponement of at least a month to allow the media atmosphere to “cool down”, after the great attention paid to the arrest and indictment of the tycoon, again New York, for the case related to the Stormy Daniels affair.

According to Trump’s lawyers, this atmosphere risks influencing the jurors who will have to decide on the accusations that the journalist Jean Carroll made against the former president, claiming she was raped by him in a dressing room of a New York department store in the mid-nineties. The woman also sued Trump for defamation for the way he denied the allegations, claiming that she “wasn’t his type of her” and claiming that he only made them to advertise the release of a book by she.

However, Judge Lewis Kaplan did not find Trump’s defense arguments acceptable, stating that it is “just a guess” that the attention around the indictment, always for a case that has “sexual behavior” at the center, could influence the jury, which will be selected starting next Tuesday.

Furthermore, the judge recalled how it was “Trump’s own actions” that “significantly” caused the great attention: “It is not good for Mr. Trump to promote publicity before the trial – he writes referring to all the appeals made for weeks about the risk of his arrest – and then argues that this media coverage that he has promoted is prejudicial to him and should result in a further postponement”.