Trump, arrest and prison: virtual photos are deceiving – Look

On Twitter, the images made with artificial intelligence look real

Donald Trump arrested: chased by the police, in handcuffs, in court and then in prison. The former US president has not yet been indicted by the prosecutor’s office in New York. On Twitter, however, the images created with the help of artificial intelligence and published by Eliot Higgins, founder of Bellingcat, an investigative journalism platform, are all the rage.

The thread has been going on for days now, with tens of thousands of retweets and mentions. Some of the images created with the help of artificial intelligence surprise with realism. The scenes of Trump’s arrest, dealing with NYPD officers mislead an observer. The virtual story continues with the shock of the former president’s family members, who witness the arrest in the street.

Then, the trial and conviction, with the tears of the defendant and his children. On the other hand, the radiant and satisfied smile of his wife Melania stands out. Trump ends up in prison, where he wears the ‘traditional orange uniform, struggling with the tasks entrusted to the prisoners. The only diversions are the gym and basketball. The epilogue follows the script of the film Shawshank Redemption: the prisoner escapes by escaping through the sewers. However, if Tim Robbins managed to reach safety in Mexico, the virtual Trump finds himself desperate in a fast food restaurant.